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Human Rights Organizations

Motivators For Training
Establishment Date:
Intermediaries change center
Establishment Date:
Lawyers Without Borders
Establishment Date:
I dare for sustainable devlopment
Establishment Date:
Jordan Better Work space Association
Establishment Date: 2013
Qudrat for Community Development
Establishment Date: 2017
Goals: - Capacity Building
- Empower communities
- Raise awareness of the community
- Community campaign management
- Economic empowerment/community building
- Provide training, qualification, and networking
- Community cohesion, dialogue, acceptance of the other and human rights
Al Qantara Center For Human Resources Development
Establishment Date: 5/9/2012
Goals: • Promote a culture of political participation among young people and enable them to exercise their right to political decision-making and control it
• Activating the role of the youth of both gender in community work and promoting the culture of volunteerism
• Develop the personal and professional skills and abilities of young people of both gender, and qualify them to participate actively in the labor market
Almersad for Capacity Building
Establishment Date: 8/5/2018
Goals: - Cooperation with official and non-official organizations, bodies and institutions.
- Provide training for citizens and individuals in the legal field.
- Training and capacity building of legal and administrative staff.
- Holding workshops, courses, and training aimed at developing and raising awareness of civil society from the legal and environmental aspects.
- Contribute to the development of the capacities of companies, institutions, and bodies on social responsibility and raise awareness in the institutions and motivate them to expand the scope of the social role to serve the local community through training workshops and others, in the interest of the company and in accordance with the law.
- Holding training courses in human rights within democratic concepts.
- Training in the field of good governance and promoting the principles of integrity, transparency, justice, and tolerance.
- Legal awareness of civil society and active participation of young people in political action.
- Organizing courses, conferences, and camps in the field of medical organization.
- Effective participation in political work and political awareness.
Edmaj Aftercare Center
Establishment Date: 2013
Goals: Providing care and rehabilitation to the ex-prisoners in terms of social, psychological and economic dimensions.
- Working to convince the released prisoners scientifically and practically to return to the right path and promote the principle of repentance, making them return to the path of integrity and commitment.
- Provision and creation of appropriate job opportunities for ex-prisoners.
- Mitigation of recidivism rates in light of the rapidly increasing ratio of return to crime trend around the world.
- Reform the ex- prisoners through aftercare programs, achieving the principle of investment in all social human energies.
Establishment Date: 2006
Goals: It seeks to develop the local community, the enhancement of the concepts of arbitration, conflicts settlement, and change management, in addition to encouraging citizens’ participation in the social and political development in Jordan. Moreover, the center focuses on enhancing the government’s continues efforts to reform by facilitating the dialog and the cooperation between the government and the civil community.
Jordanian Jurists Association
Establishment Date: 1978
Goals: - Taking care of the widest extent of the Arab Islamic law.
- Participation with Arab human rights organizations in the development and unification of law in Arab countries.
- Encouraging studies in various branches of law and developing the spirit of legal research.
- Protect human rights in the Kingdom and provide legal guarantees for them
Sharakah for Social Development Association
Establishment Date: 2017
Goals: - Enabling the members of Jordanian society with the necessary skills and abilities to enable them to enter the labor market.
- Participate in the economic development in the Jordanian society through conducting studies, research and development projects to contribute to addressing the areas of poverty and unemployment.
- Strengthening partnership and social responsibility with the regional and international institutions to address the problems of poverty and unemployment.
- Assisting youth in conducting feasibility studies for small projects and assisting in obtaining funding from available sources.
Citizenship and Civil Ideology Association
Establishment Date: 2010
Goals: Develop the civil ideology. Deal with secularism. Promote citizenship by preventing racism.
National Social Defense
Establishment Date: 1982
Goals: Raising awareness of the society about the dangers of crime and delinquency.
Intemaa For Social Development
Establishment Date: 2008
Goals: - Designing and implementing developmental projects for children, youth and women with the aim of developing them intellectually and socially.
- Establish development projects for the benefit of the Association and enhance its financial potential and enable the beneficiaries of its services socially and economically.
- Design and implement awareness programs that promote all that is positive in the communities and combat negative phenomena and concepts.
Hadathah Association for Democracy and Development
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: - Civil participation by promoting and enhancing the participation of citizens in public life.
- Political participation: raising citizens' awareness of the importance of participating in political life and supporting all national efforts.
- Human rights and the protection of individual freedoms: Promotion and protection of human rights.
- Democratic participation: To promote the participation of all eligible citizens on an equal footing in the democratic process through genuine participation in the elections of all types and levels so as to ensure their future participation in enacting legislation and participation in decision-making.
- The rights of persons with disabilities: To create an environment suitable for such a vulnerable group of people, such as rehabilitation, education, and training of persons with disabilities to adapt to society, to achieve a better environment and to establish the principles of continuous cooperation between people with disabilities and the community.
- Refugees: work to support national and international efforts towards refugees and displaced persons and participate in the implementation of plans to ensure their rights.
National Center for Civil Protection
Establishment Date: 2008
Goals: - The National Center in Jordan is one of the tools of supervision, supervision, research, investigation, studies, receipt of complaints, monitoring, follow-up violations and mistake issued by all institutions and security services or prisons and other public or private institutions.
- The Center works to remove the damage from all parties in the service of the public interest and building a society of justice and equality.
- To promote transparency, human freedom and dignity in addition to dissemination of human rights principles and culture.
Bent Al-Badiya for Human Rights Association
Establishment Date: 2010
Goals: - Spreading the culture of human rights
- Studies of women's and children's rights
Women and children in asylum
Mawteni Forum Association for Civic Education
Establishment Date: 2012
Goals: - Dissemination of civil thought, citizenship and freedoms
- Call for the establishment of a civil society
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