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Health Care Organizations

Jordan Paramedic Society
Establishment Date: 2012
Goals: - Dissemination of the concept of first aid and preventive health and maintain a safe community of diseases by prevention and advice and guidance.
- Establish productive projects that serve the objectives of the society and the local community.
- To spread the concept of first aid and preventive health for its role in the development of health awareness among citizens in how to deal with injuries, especially before the arrival of specialized assistance.
- Cooperate with parties with common objectives to protect families, children, and communities in disasters and wars in addition to provide medical assistance in cases of natural and human disasters.
- Helping the elderly in cases of illness, disability, disasters, and wars.
- Providing health services to citizens and residents who are not healthy and not financially able.
- Integration with public sector institutions in achieving national goals in the areas of the work of the Society and participation in national, international and regional committees concerned in health and medical affairs for immediate response and assistance.
- To support continuing education and training for ambulance staff and the local, regional and international medical sector through holding conferences, courses, and productive projects.
- Developing the administrative, professional and leadership capacities of employees in all sectors.
Nagham Al-Hayat Charitable Association to support those affected by the fired shots
Establishment Date: 2018
Goals: - Support and assist those affected by the fired shots.
- Awareness-raising and education the community to stop this phenomenon.
- Support the victims psychologically and materially.
- Local community service.
Friends of Eye Bank Organization
Establishment Date: 1980
Goals: - Supporting the Jordan Eye Bank.
- Educating citizens to donate cornea after their death.
- Contribution to eye operation.
- Supporting research and scientific studies.
Jordanian Meningitis Foundation
Establishment Date: 1995
Goals: - Fight meningitis.
- Provide awareness of the disease and its risks.
- Study the health schedule of patients and work to give the vaccination free of charge.
- Care for people infected with the disease.
- Care for poor families whose family member is sick with the meningitis.
Al Munadel Al Jareeh Association
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: - Taking care of the deformed people because of the war
Darat Samir Shamma Organization
Establishment Date: 2001
Goals: - Care of the elderly and provides services and all kinds of health care and psychological besides all that they need.
Jordanian Society For Autism
Establishment Date: 2005
Goals: - Care for autistic children and provide various services such as special education, functional treatment, language and pronunciation.
Noor Al - Hussein Center for Family Health Care
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: - Providing health and medical services for refugees and members of the local community
- psychological guidance
- Family health care by health and psychological
- Reducing violence based on gender
- Community awareness of family planning
Jordanian Food and Nutrition Associatio
Establishment Date: 2010
Goals: - Contribute to the dissemination of nutrition awareness in the community
- Link the need of the community to the activities, events, and studies that concern the association
- Encouraging research and studies in nutrition and food processing
- Taking care of the nutrition profession and its employees and raising the efficiency of nutrition graduates
- Raising the level of local food products offered in the local market
- Follow-up nutrition updates and linking its employees
Ber Al - Ataatah Charitable Association
Establishment Date: 2009
Goals: - Care for the elderly.
The Families of Autistic Children's Charitable Association
Establishment Date: 18/4/2017
Goals: - Taking care of autistic children and providing services to them.
- Raising awareness for the families of children with autism.
- Provide educational services for children with autism.
Al Harith Charitable Society
Establishment Date: 7-5-2014
Goals: - Pay attention to people with albinism and provide care for them.
Al Osra Al Baydaa Association - Dar Al Dyafa for elderly
Establishment Date: 1971
Goals: - Elderly shelter
- Provide health, psychological and social care for the elderly.
- Building capacity and competencies for Jordanian university students in nursing through field training.
Haqkum Alena for Elderly Organization
Establishment Date: 2016
Goals: - Care for the elderly.
- Treatment of various diseases.
- Care for people with special needs.
- Organizing awareness lectures.
Jordanian Physical Therapy Society
Establishment Date: 1980
Goals: - Raise the level of professional competence for physiotherapy.
- Contributing to raising the educational level of the profession of physical therapy in Jordan.
- Preserving the honor and protection of the profession and restricting its practice in qualified and registered members who have a working membership in the association and licensed to practice a profession from the Jordanian Ministry of Health.
- Holding seminars and general periodic meetings, giving lectures and issuing pamphlets interested in physical therapy as well as the exchange of information in everything related to physical therapy.
- Providing necessary consultancy, services and technical assistance to those in need.
- Participating in Arab and international seminars and conferences that will spread knowledge in the field of physiotherapy.
- Preserving the membership of the Association in the Arab and World Federation of Physiotherapy.
Charitable Society for Cancer Patients
Establishment Date: 2017
Goals: Providing technical and logistical care to cancer patients and their families.
The Bright Future for Mental Health Organization
Establishment Date: 31/3/2013
Goals: - Enhancing the psychological and social well-being of the society members.
- Improving the practice of psychological counseling, psychotherapy and social service.
- Promoting community awareness about mental illness and treatment methods.
- Assist in the development of individual competencies.
- Encourage communication between psychological service providers.
- Increase awareness of the suffering of people with special needs.
- Promoting scientific research in the psychological fields.
Pancreas Society for Diabetes Patients Welfare
Establishment Date: 2009
Goals: Helping the diabetes patients and increasing the awareness through holding seminars, in addition to help poor people and distribute treatments
Thalassemia Patients Welfare Society
Establishment Date: 2008
Goals: Helping Thalassemia patients to find job opportunities and providing them with the treatment and the blood
The Society of Combating Obesity
Establishment Date: 2010
Goals: Spread the awareness of health issues in schools, societies, and all layers of the community through holding workshops and seminars in order to increase the cultural awareness in the whole community (spread the fact that the healthy minds are in healthy bodies)
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