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Human Rights Organizations

Jordan Association for Entrepreneurship
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: - Encouraging innovation and creativity in business in line with development requirements.
- Prepare a distinguished generation of entrepreneurs and professional competencies required in various fields of development.
- Preparation of studies and research and provide consultations that contribute to the development of the wheel of the national economy to upgrade global leadership.
- Contribute in building the skills of individuals and groups besides build their energies and raise their awareness of the concept of leadership.
- Securing job opportunities through developing the necessary technical and cognitive skills of the individual to participate actively in the labor market and linking the individual with job opportunities.
- Continuous communication with relevant bodies in common areas.
- Protect the freedoms of individuals through the promotion of human rights, including civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights based on international conventions, covenants and national legislation
- Preparing a national category that contributes to enriching national thought and deepening the culture of dialogue, democracy, and human rights in society
Osharek Association
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: - Development of civil society in the field of democracy, human rights and political awareness
Madaba Society for Political and Community Development
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: - Enhancing the participation of citizens in public life
- Civil participation by spreading awareness at various levels
- Benefit from the distinguished political, social and professional experiences
- Promote the principle of partnership between decision-makers and the community
- Activate the role of the individual in political participation
- Enable the work of civil society organizations and local to serve the governorate
Association of Political Engineering for Democratic and Civil Development
Establishment Date: 2015
Goals: - Transparency and anti-corruption
- Civil participation
- Political participation
- Strategic communication and the free flow of information
Freedom center for development and human rights
Establishment Date: 2010
Goals: - Promotion and protection of civil, political, economic and social rights in accordance with international and national standards
- Promoting the values of citizenship and good governance, combating corruption and promoting the principles of sustainable development among all segments of society
- Contributing to the acceleration of the development process and the consolidation of civic behavior based on non-violence, respect, tolerance, and dialogue
- Developing national laws and legislation to comply with international human rights standards
Madaba Foundation with the eyes of its youth
Establishment Date: 27/7/2016
Goals: - Dialogue and communication.
- Human rights and protection of the freedoms of individuals.
- Combating corruption and promoting transparency, monitoring and accountability.
Partnership Center for Democracy
Establishment Date: 2009
Goals: - Training in business and public life
- Awareness campaigns and guidance for citizens.
- Rehabilitation of communication media by experts.
Arab Non-violence Society
Establishment Date: 2008
Goals: Spreading the culture of non-violence and promote the principles and values, and the definition of covenants and relevant international conventions and highlight the heavenly teachings in this regard.
Promote the policy of non-violence among individuals and contribute to the defense of human rights and freedoms protected.
Emphasis on the concepts of non-violence and developed in the light of the development of knowledge and awareness of the growth of data and practical experience.
Cooperation and coordination with human rights organizations in Jordan and the Arab world, and the world, including contributing to the promotion of a culture of non-violence in general.
The National Society of Consumer Protection
Establishment Date: 1989
Goals: Identifying the problems of the consumer through the different fields of scientific studies on various aspects of life and living conditions of the consumer, developing public awareness of various classes of consumers using available media in coordination with the public and private bodies, combating fraud and higher prices for goods and services and the prevention of monopoly so as to provide consumers with alternative commodities and qualities suitable for human consumption and prices in line with their purchasing power, listening to them and providing them with all the accurate information about goods and services offered for trading, protecting consumers׳ interests and representing them in official, private and judiciary bodies. Forming field work groups, issuing, specialised and regular publications, in addition to using different communication tools to create awareness among the public, and coordinating with concerned Arab and international organisations in accordance to their laws.
Friends of the Jordanian Parliament Association
Establishment Date: 2015
Goals: - Combating corruption to enhance transparency, oversight and accountability
- Elections and promotion of the principles of integrity and transparency according to international standards in the elections and the promotion of participation in them
Democracy improvement association
Establishment Date: 2004
Goals: Insure the sustainability of the democratic approach, encourage any creativity that seeks the development of democracy, support new ideas work on insuring freedoms and human rights, review institutions’ regulations to insure that it follow democratic leads, and support women in the community and treat them as partners in social development.
National Law Center- Jordan
Establishment Date: 1972
Goals: A law firm which focuses on financial and trade issues in the middle east area beside some offices in north Africa. The list of clients include governmental institutions, companies with multiple nationalities, industries, money accounts, businessmen, non-governmental organizations, main services providers, and think tanks.
(Arab World Center for Democratic Development (UNIHRD
Establishment Date: 2010
Goals: Enhance and develop the concepts on democracy, human rights, and sustainable development. Promote the importance of human rights on the international levels. Enhance the concepts of economic, social, cultural rights, and the right of environment. Encourage the endorsement and enforcement of international human rights declarations. Acknowledge the national, regional, and international guaranties to enforce and protect the rights. Promote the equality and resent different types of discrimination. Promote the concepts of transparency and effective management. Encourage communication with concerned local, regional, and international organizations and institutions based on harmony mechanisms as the most important one is the networking, especially with Iraqi organizations.
Social Security retirees Society
Establishment Date: 2009
Goals: Enhancing the socio-economical life for the retirees, while raising their awareness toward knowing their rights, at the same time the society taking in its responsibilities to establish a new project for the retirees benefits and the local community.
Friends of Arab Institute in Jerusalem Society
Establishment Date: 1980
Goals: Supporting the Arab institute (Jordan-Kuwait) in Jerusalem.
Jordanian Roads Society
Establishment Date: 1972
Goals: Improving and upgrading roads and means of transportation in Jordan, contributing to the development and improvement of laws and regulations related to roads, taking care of the interests of all individuals, organisations, and institutions that are related to the establishment of roads, contributing to the research in all matters concerned with roads and transport, while working to establish the rules of road safety as well as working on information dissemination and cooperation with relevant authorities, following up on the scientific progress and developments of design methods and construction, and exchanging technical information related to road and transportation.
Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists
Establishment Date: 1998
Goals: Enhancing democracy and the reform process, defending the freedom of media experts and their security, facing violations they encounter and developing the skills of media practitioners, empowering media practitioners to access information and involving them in defending democracy and human rights, contributing to the development and modernisation of legislation that support media freedom, and creating contact with media practitioners in the Arab world and abroad.
Jordan Labor Watch
Establishment Date: 2009
Goals: Monitoring the status of labor and trade movements in Jordan, lobbying for the development of labor legislation in cooperation with the concerned parties and in accordance to the international labor standards, contributing to the development of work conditions in Jordan, following up on workers' protests and analyzing them from economic, social and political frameworks, publishing reports on the status of laborers in Jordan, to raise awareness among workers themselves, facilitating the exchange of expertise in trade unions among other Arab and foreign countries to benefit from their experiences.
Community Media Network
Establishment Date: 2007
Goals: Supporting the media culture in the Arab world and educating Jordanian citizens about the role of media in development, training in the field of community and electronic media, supporting local Jordanian radio stations and supporting educational media in Palestine.
The National Society for Freedom and Democracy
Establishment Date: 1993
Goals: Ensuring the continuity of the democratic approach and entrenching it in the behavior of citizens through raising democratic awareness and enhancing, implementing and exercising the concept of democracy in all institutions, fields and with all individuals, so Jordanians enjoy freedom, equity, justice and security, ensuring freedoms and political, environmental and social human rights, and calling for the implementation of principles of democracy, freedom and equity in the Jordanian Constitution and the National Charter.
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