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Employers Associations

Arab Bank Fellows Association
Establishment Date: 2016
Goals: Social goals for the membership of Arab Bank fellows.
Iraqi Business council
Establishment Date: 2006
Goals: Encourage communication and close ties between the Jordanian community and the Iraqi society residing in the Kingdom
Encourage communication and close ties between the Jordanian community and the Iraqi society residing in the Kingdom.
The Council works in cooperation with official and non-official bodies in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to overcome the difficulties facing Iraqi investors.
The Council also supports health care programs and humanitarian assistance for the Iraqi community in Jordan. In addition, the Council seeks to activate the social ties between the Iraqi business community residing in Jordan through cultural events and social gatherings.
Experts Society of Income and Sales Tax
Establishment Date: 2011
Goals: The Society of Income and Sales Tax Experts seeks to cooperate with the relevant authorities and urge them to issue laws and legislations that regulate and develop the tax expertise, and establish rules that govern the performance and professional behavior of employees in this field in a manner that protects all rights of the parties, treasury, citizen or tax expert
Rakhaa Business Association
Establishment Date: 1996
Goals: - Networking among the members of the Association in different sectors.
- Publishing economic articles and sections to enrich Arabic and local content to develop people's ambitious entrepreneurial skills and ideas.
Expert Bankers Association
Establishment Date: 2015
Goals: Provide training to new graduate to qualify them to work in banks
Provide training to banks staff in different banking services
Provide consultancy service .
East Amman Industrial Investors Association
Establishment Date: 2010
Goals: - Expanding, supporting and developing the activities of investors and industrialists in the East Amman region and adjacent industrial areas

- Directly or in cooperation with specialized local and external advisory bodies to establish centers for the collection and exchange of information related to investment goods and services of interest to the industrial sector

- Coordination between the private sector companies that product goods and the service companies which related to the consumption and export of manufactured goods and the implementation of programs aimed to developing the industries and exports of industrialists

- Serving the local community and its institutions to achieve comprehensive development

- The Association seeks to be a channel of communication between the Chamber of Industry of Jordan, Chamber of Industry of Amman, governmental institutions and the Jordan Industrial Estates Corporation and all concerned bodies on the one hand and its employees on the other hand to communicate grievances and complaints of investors and industrialists in order to solve them.

- Supporting, operating and qualifying the available human resources in the local community
Friends of Development and Investment Society / Jerash
Establishment Date: 2007
Goals: Working with official and private bodies with all possible and legitimate means for the creation of an environment that is attractive to investment and supportive of the national economy in accordance with the royal vision, showing the positive modern image of Jordan which we consider as a democratic model of a state of law, working on finding job opportunities for women, balancing between development and investment programmes on the one hand and keeping the cultural local heritage for local communities on the other hand, and preserving biodiversity, environment and nature in addition to work to attract awareness and training programs for the rehabilitation of local communities in all fields to deal positively with development projects and investment and dissemination of development culture among the members of the community, and work to spread and clarify the concepts related to development and investment leading to the adoption of the community of these values and concepts besides engage in the formulation of policies in the framework of sustainable development community.
Jordan Furniture Exporters & Manufacturers Association
Establishment Date: 2004
Goals: - Marketing members locally and globally
- Help and rehabilitate members to be an economic support in marketing opportunities
- Promote cooperation among members to adopt large commercial projects and training opportunities for members in the sector dedicated to the development of industrial qualifications for export
- Creating new opportunities through participation in local and international exhibitions
- Giving a good picture of the exporters of Jordanian furniture
Horse Breeders Society
Establishment Date: 2013
Goals: - Maintain the safety of Arabian horses
- Open horse training schools for children.
- Making records of horses.
Jordan stone & tile exporters & producers association (JOSTONE)
Establishment Date: 28/1/1993
Goals: - Raising production and export efficiency of Jordanian stone and tiles
- Creating opportunities for member products in the regional and international markets
- Assist members to improve and develop their administrative and technical capabilities
- Organizing the participation of members in local and international exhibitions and seminars
- Organizing economic events and forums to market the Jordanian stone sector.
- Preparing training programs and specialized workshops.
- Sending business delegations to and from many target markets.
The Jordanian Free Zones Investors Association
Establishment Date: 1994
Goals: Taking care of the interests of its members, organising their affairs, coordinating their efforts, and working on the creation of areas of cooperation among them, representing their interests before all the concerned departments and agencies, taking part with the concerned parties in the free zones to make decisions and recommendations about investment in the free zones, activating the role of these zones to support the country's economy and encouraging the Arab and foreign investors to invest in them.
Jordanian Italian Business Council
Establishment Date: 2005
Goals: Encouraging investments between Jordan and Italy, facilitating communication between individuals interested in implementing joint Jordanian-Italian projects, providing a source of information for creating opportunities and projects at the commercial, industrial, cultural and tourism levels, encouraging cooperation between the public and the private sectors to increase the importance of strategic coalition between Jordan and Italy, facilitating dialogue between governmental agencies and the private sector in Jordan and Italy, enhancing commercial transactions and investments between Jordan and Italy, especially among members
Drugstores Owners Association
Establishment Date: 1972
Goals: Registering drugs, especially the modern and vital ones in the Jordanian market, supplying markets with these drugs to be available to citizens and medical tourists at any time, providing all drugstores across the kingdom with all types of medicine as well as public hospitals, keeping a strategic stock of drugs in the Kingdom
Jordan Society of Tourism and Travel Agents
Establishment Date: 1960
Goals: Cooperating and coordinating with the government as well as institutions and societies concerned with tourism and developing the sector, collecting data and statistics related to the tourism sector and classifying them and providing them to those concerned in the sector, conducting studies and presenting proposals to draft laws and regulations related to the tourism sector, creating a vocational training center and supervising it, certifying experience certificates for workers in the field of travel and tourism and issuing magazines and periodicals after the approval of concerned authorities.
Dead Sea Production Association
Establishment Date: 2001
Goals: 1. The work of non-profit association of material to raise the professional level of the Dead Sea industry
2. organizing the industry of Dead Sea products in Jordan, and to maintain the reputation of the sector and protect it from intruders and in coordination with the competent authorities
3. develop basic technical specifications with the competent authorities of the Dead Sea Products
4. work to establish close relationships with government departments and non-governmental organizations and relevant
5. work on local public awareness of the benefits of the Dead Sea Products
(Jordan Garments, Accessories, & Textiles Exporters’ Association (JGATE
Establishment Date: 2003
Goals: Activate collaboration by providing a forum that generates leads, builds domestic cooperation, forms global export alliances, and publicizes industry news & events, Facilitate growth by promoting investment opportunities to both international and local investors,Develop staff capabilities and build on management infrastructure through comprehensive education programs that improve standards of performance,Drive innovation and collaboration in design and production methods by overseeing research initiatives, showcasing technologies, and establishing cooperative enterprises,Improve access to supporting industries by linking manufacturers to best-in-class partners including financial institutions, logistics providers, insurance companies and real estate developers,Ensure manufacturers are fluent in export provisions by creating guidelines and training seminars that address trade agreement compliance, international quality standards, labor laws, and customs requirements, Minimize regulatory, legal, and trade restraints by lobbying for policy development and promoting necessary reforms.
The Information Technology Association of Jordan – Intaj
Establishment Date: 2000
Goals: Supporting the ICT industry, placing pressure on the government and international groups and proposing national initiatives, activating public relations, promoting investment opportunities related to the industry in Jordan, opening new markets in the country, promoting agencies issuing certifications and highlighting the value of these certifications and implementing a model in the ICT industry, granting certifications demonstrating compliance with intellectual property rights, leading the implementation of the national strategy for the IT sector in collaboration with relevant bodies and spreading the use and the application of information technology and communication within the industry at the different areas of business.
Businessmen Association for the Development and Promotion of Investment
Establishment Date: 2006
Goals: Creating a climate that is conducive to the development and promotion of investments in Ajloun Governorate, highlighting the benefits and peculiarity of Ajloun and marketing for it through the use of appropriate media, attracting investors to the governorate,Establish databases and information for the governorate, participating with public and private sector institutions to achieve economic and social development, representing the private sector in the governorate of Ajloun, and sustaining projects for the public or the private sectors.
Jordanian Businessmen Association
Establishment Date: 1985
Goals: Creating a favourable climate for investment to enable the private sector to play its role in the process of sustainable economic development in Jordan and to serve its members of businessmen in various sectors and work to provide a distinct environment for exchanging experiences and achieving common interests among members.
Jordanian Association for Traders of Ceramics and Sanitary Ware
Establishment Date: 2007
Goals: Protecting trading in the sector and defending its interests and facilitating complaints affecting traders’ interests to the official bodies.
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