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Research Centers

forward international human development
Establishment Date: 2017
Jordan Better Workplace Association
Establishment Date: 2013
Goals: The Association seeks to promote the values of democracy in the workplace and respect and implement labor rights by spreading awareness as well as building national capacities, providing a platform for dialogue, providing sustainable human capacity building services and legal support tools in innovative ways and using modern technologies and social media.
Future Economic Index Foundation
Establishment Date: 2017
Goals: - Democracy, public accountability and strengthening the role of civil society institutions.
- Transparency in the private sector and civil society institutions.
- Promoting the right to get information.
- Promote community capacity building, especially for youth and women's empowerment.
- Economic Rights Index Observatory.
Arab Academy for training of volunteers - Refada
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: - Enhancing the participation of young people in volunteering within private organizations.
- Promote the participation of women, youth and local and national associations to serve development programs.
- Holding training workshops necessary for the work of the company
- Training community members to volunteer work and skills necessary to increase the efficiency of volunteers.
- Accept donations internally and externally within the laws and regulations.
- Training and sensitizing the community to the culture of social entrepreneurship and volunteerism.
- Training the youth on how to implement voluntary initiatives to serve the Jordanian community.
- Possessing movable and immovable funds to carry out the objectives of the company.
- Conduct awareness sessions on promoting youth participation in development.
- Cooperating with official and non-official organizations, bodies and institutions in order to achieve the objectives of the company.
- Training in the preparation of strategic plans and preparation of projects.
Afaq Jordan for Development and Training
Establishment Date: 2013
Goals: - Strengthening the role of civil society.
- Dissemination of the culture of democracy and human rights.
- Combating poverty and unemployment through developing ideas for the economic development of youth and women.
  - Building the capacity of individuals and institutions in the field of self-development and activities that concern civil society.
East and West Center for Sustainable Development
Establishment Date: 21/2/2008
Goals: - Building the capacity of individuals and institutions to bring about development and change by peaceful and creative means.
- Strengthening the moral and religious values of humanity.
- Building local and international networks to support women, youth and world peace issues.
- Empower young people and women to improve their social, economic, political and health status.
- Promoting the language of dialogue within one society and with other societies.
- Organizing and coordinating voluntary actions that serve the humanitarian community.
Shahem Center for Training and Development
Establishment Date: 7/1/2015
Goals: - Local community development and training.
- Training for members of the local community in all fields.
- Local and international consultations of organizations.
The Prevailing Strategic Centre Jordan
Establishment Date:
Goals: Organising and activating capabilities and experts of the retired in all aspects, providing research, studies and strategic consultations, in addition to conducting specialized activities using modern tools and mechanisms and applicable solutions.
Almsherq aljadid for studies and quality researches
Establishment Date: 2004
Goals: Seek to spread scientific awareness among the general public especially the Jordanian and Arab general strategic issues general strategic issues in the world in general and in Jordan in particular. Seeks Mashreq new studies to inform the Jordanian public issues of interest at various levels of interaction with the major issues in the Jordanian society and put forward for discussion and analysis and propose solutions in focused dialogues valuable
Identity Centre
Establishment Date: 2009
Goals: Encouraging local communities’ participation in political economic and social development through outreach, advocacy, and training committed to human development.
Energy and Oil Shale Research Centre – Tafileh Technical University
Establishment Date: 2009
Goals: Use of modern scientific techniques and apply them in the areas of optimal energy utilization and preservation and strengthen cooperation between the educational and industrial sector in the southern region and raise awareness of the importance of renewable energy in creating and maintaining a clean environment. It also contributes to supporting scientific and creative research in the fields of renewable energy and fuel substitutes, conducting practical studies related to energy technology and focusing on exploiting mineral resources in the South region with advanced technology. It also supports research related to the environment and its conservation, In the audit of energy consumption and energy efficiency and focuses on supporting efforts in the search for new water sources due to water scarcity in different seasons. The use of modern technologies and harnessing water treatment, Worked out and rehabilitated and contribute to the dissemination the culture of energy conservation, which will provide significant costs and increases the competitiveness of Jordanian goods.
( Jordanian Initiatives Foundation ( Mobadarat
Establishment Date: 2008
Goals: Developing skills and capabilities and fostering behavior that can be developed through training, rehabilitation, guidance and awareness to realise the positive change for individuals and the community, organising and conducting specialised training programmes prepared by experts in a manner that combines theories with practical skills, providing consultations in the field of economic and social development and human rights focusing on intellectual development, holding seminars, forums and conferences for dialogue and providing all with an opportunity to exchange viewpoints and opinions with experts, and providing consultations to media institutions as well as training and programmes that seek to develop media, and facilitate journalist's work.
Al-Hayat Center for Civil Society Development
Establishment Date: 2006
Goals: Service of civil society in all its diversity and spread the values ​​of civil society which is based on justice, equality, freedom, democracy and acceptance of others, by building the capacity of local communities, and awareness necessary to address the challenges of development and the sustainable development of these communities, and to prepare and build the capacity of Jordanian women to be an active partner in the overall development.
Al Badeel Centre for Studies & Research
Establishment Date: 2006
Goals: The center aims to deepen democratic awareness among the Jordanian public opinion and the Arab world by contributing in spreading the culture of human rights and activating the participation of women, youth and work on the development of democracy and political legislation and laws governing the work of the year, and the promotion of civil society Dormassat. As the center works to promote the concept of dialogue among civilizations and religions, and the rejection of extremism and terrorism in all its forms confrontation with the distinction between him and the right of peoples to resist the occupier. The Center seeks to fulfill its role in the framework of economic and social development through foreseeing the visions and propose solutions to the prospects of development and the role of the individual and their institutions
Queen Rania Center for the Jordanian Studies & Community Services – Yarmouk University
Establishment Date: 2006
Goals: Hiring capacity and financial and human resources at the University for Development in Jordan and the Arab world. And the study of the strategic issues facing the Jordanian society to determine the nature of the problems of political, military, economic, social and obstacles facing the community and ways to address them. And provide consulting and technical studies and met community needs and contribute to the performance of services to help organizations in the public and private sectors within and outside the Kingdom, and oversee the organization of these services and manage and monitor its implementation. And development expertise of university personnel, training and rehabilitation. The organization and management of seminars and conferences related to the nature of the work of the center. And the organization and management training programs in order to develop capacity and expertise and training of scientific and professional for its participants. And the development and marketing of information sources from college and wrote computer programs and educational materials in written ,video and audio formats.
Islamic World Studies Center / Al- Albayt University
Establishment Date: 2005
Goals: Studying the issues and problems facing the Islamic world, building a database on the Muslim countries and nations and Muslim minorities in the world, conducting studies and research about the Islamic world in religions, political, intellectual, economic and social fields and publishing them through different methods, fostering cooperation with centres in the Islamic world, holding a monthly event that includes lectures, meetings and seminars with key figures in the Islamic world, holding a seminar every year and a conference every two years
Al- Hukm Al Rasheed Center for Studies
Establishment Date: 2005
Goals: Preparation of studies and research, conferences, workshops and scientific training, training courses and publications, the establishment media campaigns and the dissemination of democratic education. The center welcomes extended bridges of cooperation with governmental bodies and institutions and non-governmental organizations in Jordan and the Arab countries and the world that share his vision and goal.
Al-Thoraya Center for Studies,Consultancies and Training
Establishment Date: 2005
Goals: Conducting studies and research related to sustainable development with all different social, political, economic and environmental dimensions, providing social, economic, political and educational consultations that are related to sustainable development, enhancement of democracy and building capabilities of individuals and institutions as well as public and civil entities, entrenching the concepts of culture, citizenship, democracy and civil education, encouraging scientific research and publishing distinguished studies and research, building a network of relations at the national, regional and international levels to exchange expertise and knowledge related to sustainable development, and activating the role of civil society institutions in the comprehensive sustainable development.
The Nabataean Center for Archaeological Studies/ Al- Hussein Bin Talal University
Establishment Date: 2004
Goals: Enhance activities relating to archaeology in the region of Petra and on a large scale, as the tourism potential associated with Petra have fundamental importance for the Jordanian economy, being the tourism industry in Jordan, especially after the registration on the World Heritage List and included as one of the New Seven Wonders. It also provides the center direct practical experience for students in all aspects of the management of archaeological heritage and Althagavyyalarm which would facilitate the conduct of research projects for graduate studies in the future.
Change Academy for Democracy and Development Studies
Establishment Date: 2004
Goals: Deepen the culture of democracy and spreading the values ​​of transparency, justice and tolerance, and to encourage the ratification of the international instruments on human rights and democracy. And to promote the concept of equality and the rejection of discrimination on the different types. And promote the concepts of transparency and good governance to manage the institutions of civil society to its different sectors, and to promote global culture of human rights and promote the concepts of rights, economic, social and cultural rights, and cooperation with international organizations and bodies and institutions, formal and informal, and the study of legislation and judicial decisions and administrative arrangements, and the promotion of human rights and the principles of good governance.
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