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Persons with Disabilities Organizations

I am a Human Society for Rights of PWD
Establishment Date: 2008
Goals: - Development of persons with disabilities in all economic, social, legal, political and cultural aspects.
- Working to define and clarify the suffering and needs of people with disabilities.
- The integration of persons with disabilities into all social activities and the development of qualified people with disabilities.
Working with all categories of persons with disabilities.
Al Manar Center for Intellectual Development / Ajloun
Establishment Date: 1993
Goals: - Care for people with mild and moderate mental disabilities.
- Provide services for persons with mental disabilities from the age of 6 to 16 years.
- Teaching PWDs simple occupations from the age of 16 to 25 years
Aqaba Special Education Center
Establishment Date: 2010
Goals: - Developing children's capacities and qualifying them for the local community.
- Provide physical and functional treatment for children.
Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Center / Rusaifa
Establishment Date: 1973
Goals: - Rehabilitation and employment of people with light disabilities, deafness and learning difficulties.
Vocational Rehabilitation and Training Center / Irbid
Establishment Date: 1981
Goals: - Providing vocational training and employment services to improve the standard of living of persons with disabilities and facilitate their integration into society.
- Developing the capacities of persons with disabilities, sharing responsibility, independence and achieving social integration.
- Training people with disabilities in professions commensurate with their abilities and tendencies.
- Contribute to the employment of people with disabilities to achieve economic independence and self-reliance.
Hittin Center for Early Detection of Disabilities and Community Rehabilitation
Establishment Date: 2008
Goals: - Diagnosis, evaluation, training and community rehabilitation of persons with disabilities under 18 years of age.
Al Kurah Comprehensive Center for Special Education
Establishment Date: 2009
Goals: - Teaching children with mild or moderate mental disabilities and autism spectrum.
- Providing rehabilitation services (physiotherapy and occupational therapy) to the local community.
- Professional planning of some of the beneficiaries of the center.
Al - Daleel Center for Care and Rehabilitation
Establishment Date: 2009
Goals: - Providing service and rehabilitation for persons with disabilities.
Asahab Al Himam Association for the disabled
Establishment Date: 2011
Goals: - Providing assistance to people with special needs.
- Work on rehabilitation and training.
- Open educational classes in general (all levels of society).
- Supporting students with special needs.
El Mansheya Association for Special Education
Establishment Date: 2004
Goals: - Opening the ranks of the disabled
- Provide training courses for disabled people
- Early education for children with disabilities
- Establishing income-generating projects
Friendship Association for the Blind
Establishment Date: 1977
Goals: - Improve the physical and psychological situation of the blind person and invest the resources of the financial association in his interest.
- Provide employment opportunities for the blind in both the public and private sectors commensurate with their abilities and potentials, and reduce the obstacles that stand in their way
- Establish rehabilitation centers for blind people and libraries designed specifically for their use, giving them the opportunity to practice their hobbies and to acquire multiple types of expertise.
- To spread social awareness in society to improve the behavior and the society's attitude towards the development of the blind.
- Provide housing for the blind and help them start their own projects.
- Establishment of kindergartens for children with visual disabilities in addition to elementary schools for students of both gender.
- Providing loans to the blind, whether employed or unemployed, for the purposes of vocational rehabilitation, education, medical treatment, and emergency situations.
Association of Jordanian Solidarity for the Deaf
Establishment Date: 2010
Goals: - Providing financial assistance.
- Food aid.
- Management of small income-generating projects.
- Establishment of a permanent exhibition for deaf products.
- Integration of Deaf boys and girls into society.
- Supporting deaf creations and developing their skills.
Al - Hamraa Association for People with Special Needs
Establishment Date: 1996
Goals: - Providing care for people with special needs.
- Help the poor in the region.
- Establish projects in the region.
- Provide training disabled.
Lawrence Society for People with Special Needs
Establishment Date: 2011
Goals: - Providing care for special needs.
- Providing aid to affordable families, poor students, and community support.
Deya Al Shoubak Association for People with Disabilities
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: - Providing care for people with special needs.
- Providing charitable works.
- Open a school for people with special needs.
Shomo’a Al Urdon Charitable Society
Establishment Date: 2017
Goals: - Supporting deaf people in Karak governorate and setting up small projects.
Rehab Association for People with Special Needs
Establishment Date: 2008
Goals: - Providing support, care, rehabilitation and education of people with special needs.
- Providing assistance to people with special needs.
- Provide in-kind and physical support for people with special needs.
Ento Mena Charitable Association for People with Disabilities
Establishment Date: 2016
Goals: - Rehabilitation and training of persons with disabilities.
- Supporting the rights of persons with disabilities.
- Providing medical assistance.
- Providing food aid.
- Providing financial assistance.
Manshiyat Bani Hassan Special Education Society
Establishment Date: 2004
Goals: - Supporting the study of students.
- Establishment of productive projects.
- Organizing rehabilitation courses.
- Providing Free treatment.
Tafila Sons Association for Special Education
Establishment Date: 30-5-1974
Goals: - Providing care, rehabilitation, training and education of the mentally disabled.
- Providing health and social care for people with special needs and their families.
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