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Foreign Organizations

Spana Animal Charity
Establishment Date: 1998
Goals: Protect Animals
Handicap International
Establishment Date: 1982
Goals: - Rehabilitation of persons with special needs and the elderly.
- Providing assistance to people with the artificial limb.
Supply Association - South Africa
Establishment Date: 2005
Goals: The Supply Association South Africa works with orphans, sets up seasonal projects and supports poor families.
Terre des hommes Italy
Establishment Date: 2005
Goals: The main goals of Terre des Hommes Italy are to protect children, work in educational projects, health projects and support women and children.
International Organization for Human Rights and the Defense of Public Liberties
Establishment Date: 2010
Goals: Cooperation to defend Human Rights, fight terrorism, help victims of war and support refugees in Jordan.
International Orthodox Christian Charities
Establishment Date: 2005
Goals: - Provide emergency relief and development to those in need around the world, without discrimination in order to enable them to continue to improve their lives and communities, in addition, to provide them with means of living with dignity and respect.
European Feminist Initiative
Establishment Date: 2012
Goals: Question prevailing power relations in gender issues and reduce inequalities. Fight discrimination and suppression of women and improve the living conditions of the whole society. Foster self-organisation of women and provide spaces for social and political exchange. Support intercultural feminism and and discourse on womens rights and integrate it into different democratic and social movements and political decisions.
Japan Emergency NGO
Establishment Date: 2012
Goals: Economically and morally support people who face difficulties because of conflicts and catastrophes
Avis People For Development
Establishment Date: 2006
Goals: Sustainable development based on peoples needs. Therefore projects are focused on the challenges of education where the individual is accompanied and supported in his development. Further projects aim to support civil society organisations. In Jordan the work is focused on Humanitarian Aid to Syrian Refugees and educational projects. Main areas are also health and psycho-social assistance, education, vocational training and job placement, as well as income-generating activities.
Establishment Date: 2013
Goals: Support of blind people in society to improve their living standard. Provision of equipment for mobility, science, work and social interaction. Projects to foster their self-confidence and indipendency. Work towards academic and social integration. Sensibilisation of society and work to reframe the negative image of blind people and change the resulting isolation, marginalisation and ignorance. Cooperation and coordination with institutions, which work with disabled persons on a local or international basis and aim to improve and develop services provided to this group. Show, that visually impaired people are able to produce handcraft products, be creative and contribute to the development of their community. The association explores cultural and artistic talents of visually impaired people to train these capacities. Provision of financial support for old and poor people.
Baitulmaal Organization
Establishment Date: 2012
Goals: Participation in local and international projects to improve the living conditions of victims of catastrophes and poverty, irrespective of their nationality, race or religion.
Human Appeal International
Establishment Date: 1989
Goals: Development of human societies where social, economic, health and educational conditions need to be improved. Support communities which are victims of natural and social catastrophes. Fulfill the needs of orphans and improve their access to health as well as there psychological and social conditions.
World Associates LTD
Establishment Date: 12/8/1996
Goals: The aim is to contribute to the fulfillment of basic needs especially for socially disadvantaged communities in order to support their personal development, health and self-supply.
Reduction of poverty by developing capacities for people.
(International Islamic Charity Organisation (IICO
Establishment Date: 2012
Goals: Contribute to the long-term improvement of the living conditions of poor communities and support them in cases of poverty, catastrophes and famines.
Providing shelter for the homeless, food, drink and clothing for the needy, treatment and medicine for the sick, caring for orphans and disadvantaged children, and devising radical solutions to eradicate poverty in accordance with Islamic values and following the shining charities of Islamic history.
Islamic Relief Agency
Establishment Date: 1984
Goals: Improving the standard of living for orphans and their families, ensuring that orphans have access to healthcare, ensuring that all school-age orphans attend school regularly, ensuring that all school-age orphans complete their secondary school education and assisting the development of social and life skills.
(The National Democratic Institute (NDI
Establishment Date: 1983
Goals: Establish and strengthen democratic institutions and practices by building political and civic organisations, safeguarding elections, and promoting citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.
Amnesty International
Establishment Date: 1961
Goals: Organization of campaigns for the promotion and protection of internationally recognized human rights The organization also works to improve the lives of people through campaigns and international solidarity, and its members and supporters influence Governments, political bodies, corporations, and intergovernmental bodies. Our activists embrace human rights issues and mobilize the public to lobby through mass demonstrations, sit-ins, and lobbying, as well as online and traditional campaigns
(The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD
Establishment Date: 1950
Goals: Support the Academic exchange between Jordan and Germany, provide scholarships for students and teachers, financially support PHD students and provide funding of scientific research,It also supports scholarships for German and Jordanian students and provides short-term scholarships for the German language course at German universities for 3-4 weeks in the summer.
Freedom House
Establishment Date: 2003
Goals: Support and expansion of freedom world-wide in the areas of democratic political systems, the rule of law, freedom of expression, building of cooperations and organizations as well as rights of minorities and women.
(International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC
Establishment Date: 2006
Goals: Ensure better conditions of work and life for working women and men and their families, strive for human rights, social justice, gender equality, peace, freedom and democracy.
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