Edmaj Aftercare Center


Providing care and rehabilitation to the ex-prisoners in terms of social, psychological and economic dimensions.
- Working to convince the released prisoners scientifically and practically to return to the right path and promote the principle of repentance, making them return to the path of integrity and commitment.
- Provision and creation of appropriate job opportunities for ex-prisoners.
- Mitigation of recidivism rates in light of the rapidly increasing ratio of return to crime trend around the world.
- Reform the ex- prisoners through aftercare programs, achieving the principle of investment in all social human energies.


  • Establishment Date: 2013
  • Members: 17 Members
  • Branches:
  • President: Faisal Al Fayez
  • Managing Board: vice president: ---
    secret keeper: ---
    Treasurer: Nabih Abbasi.
  • Election Period: 3 years
  • Last Election: 2015

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