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Human Rights Organizations

Association of vigilance forum for democratic building
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: - Promoting the concept of citizenship in the local community
- Promoting the concept of human rights in society
- Educating the local community about the importance of political participation
- The exercise of the supervisory role on the transparency of the will of the government
- Monitoring of government practices regarding democracy and human rights
- Dissemination of political culture among members of the community
Al Aman Association for Consultancy and Rehabilitation of Human Rights
Establishment Date: 2010
Goals: - Promoting the concepts of human rights in society.
- Building youth leaderships in society.
- The rejection of extremist thought.
- Defending violations of human rights in society.
Bayt Al Salam Association for Rights and Freedoms
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: - Promote and protect women's rights and democratically empower them.
- Protect the rights of children in all fields.
- Protection of the human right to seek safe asylum.
Alkarama Association for Human Rights and International Peace
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: - International and humanitarian conventions ratified by Jordan and applied in the homeland
- Awareness of international conventions
- Raising awareness of human rights, especially the rights of women and children
Association of Youth South East Amman for Political Development
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: - Activating the individual's participation in political life
- Work on preparing a national class that contributes to the promotion of national thought
- Deepening the culture of dialogue, democracy and human rights in society
- To encourage creativity in the fields of sustainable business with the process of comprehensive development
- Develop skills and gain support
- Work to raise the level of social awareness to develop the individual and collective energy
Ansar Al Fadila Association
Establishment Date: 2016
Goals: - Political participation
- Call to virtue
- Fight against vice
Hebron Forum for Comprehensive Development
Establishment Date: 2013
Goals: - Establishing the concept of good nationalism for the modern Renaissance of Jordan
- Spread awareness of citizenship rights and duties
- Strengthening the values of good government citizenship
- Promoting values of dialogue, democratic approach and respect for human rights
- Activate the elements of the requirements for achieving comprehensive sustainable development
Al - Sindian Association for Democratic and Political Development and Human Rights
Establishment Date: 2010
Goals: Spreading the culture of democracy of human rights disciplines, training young leaders and empowering citizens
Turab Al Watan Association for Comprehensive Development
Establishment Date: 2012
Goals: - Working on community development and individual participation in all national and religious forums.
- Development of human resources through educational and awareness seminars and lectures.
- Make an inter-association to improve the work to serve the public interests
Association for Capacity Building in Business - WAEDAT
Establishment Date: 2011
Goals: - Capacity building, training.
- Empowering women entrepreneurs, administratively, technically and professionally besides qualifying them and supporting them with income-generating projects.
- Providing training services of various types to employees, entrepreneurs and business owners of women and men working in public and private institutions from inside and outside Jordan.
- Contributing in develop the women sector socially, economically and environmentally and improve their standard of living.
- Increasing the participation of young men and women in economic and social development through enhancing their capacities and rehabilitation.
- Empowering men who are business owners and/or who enter into a partnership or are considered part of a project or business that is managed or owned by women.
Jordanian Society for Political Sciences
Establishment Date: 1997
Goals: - Upgrading the profession of teaching in political science, and encouraging professional specialization.

- Encouraging and supporting research and scientific studies, and working on the rehabilitation of researchers in political science to provide research that meets the needs of Jordanian and Arab society and the publication of a magazine publish such research and studies.

- Activate the translation movement to and from the Arabic language, which contributes to the promotion and modernization of knowledge in the field of political science and openness to other cultures.

- Encourage field research and work to develop and discover research methods and tools suitable for the Jordanian and Arab environment.

- To establish a documentary activity for the data and information on political science and facilitate its dissemination and exchange among workers in this field.

- Organizing and sponsoring conferences and scientific seminars and participating in them on various levels.

- Strengthen relations and exchange of experience among the specialized staff in the field of political science and enhance communication and cooperation among them to create the appropriate cultural atmosphere to highlight the abilities of creators and encourage creativity and originality.

- Establishing relations with similar associations, both Arab and international, which helps in promoting political science.

- Take care of the interests of the members of the physical and moral society and defend their rights and their gains, in addition to strengthen social relations among the members of the association in order to enhance the spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

- The Association seeks to achieve its objectives under the umbrella of the Jordanian Constitution and the laws in force in the Kingdom taking into consideration the supreme national interest in all its activities.
The Jordan Society for the Prevention of Road Accidents
Establishment Date: 5/11/1975
Goals: - Spread awareness and education of citizens through all available means.
- Study and implement all measures to prevent road accidents and reduce their number and their risk to increase the security of road users.
The national society for human rights
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: - Dissemination of human rights concepts.
  - Educating citizens about human rights.
- Protection of violated rights.
- Active participation with all human rights bodies.
- Opening partnerships and fellowships with other bodies to serve human rights.
- Highlight and protect violated rights.
Andalusia Foundation
Establishment Date: 2015
Goals: - Develop sustainable ethical programs
Arab Center for Political Studies
Establishment Date: 2015
Goals: - Fostering the rights of women, children, persons with disabilities, human beings and refugees
- Advocacy
- Awareness raising
- Provide Loans, financial and in-kind assistance
- Support research and studies
- Building skills
- Enhancing the participation of citizens in public life and civic participation by spreading awareness at various levels and benefiting from distinguished life and professional experiences
- Promoting the principles of integrity and transparency in accordance with international standards
- Activate the role of the individual in political participation
Democracy Building Society
Establishment Date: 2012
Goals: - Dissemination of democratic awareness
- Conducting public polls
- Holding seminars and conferences related to democracy
Pioneers of Change Association
Establishment Date: 2011
Goals: - Strengthening loyalty and belonging to the homeland and the Hashemite leadership
- Activating the role of women
- Involvement of young people in democratic work
Association of the Arab Organization for Empowerment
Establishment Date: 2011
Goals: - Empower women and youth politically, economically, socially and culturally
- Influencing women's access to decision-making positions
Al Ain Democratic Society
Establishment Date: 2004
Goals: - Enhance human rights and democratic issues
Aman Society for Civil Society Development
Establishment Date: 2013
Goals: - Make agreements with local and Arab centers and associations to benefit from them in many different fields.
- Holding conferences, seminars, and forums in the fields concerned with civil society issues
- Supporting the issues of civil society centers.
- Holding human development programs and resources.
- Cooperate with a group of specialists to advise all categories of civil society individuals and families in all fields.
- Provide awareness and education programs for members of civil society and inform them of their civil and political rights.
- Transfer and mix scientific and practical experience of the world through holding of systematic training workshops to educate members of civil society.
- Educate members of society and clarify the importance of participation in political life to build a healthy society.
- Participation in monitoring parliamentary, municipal, university and youth club elections.
- Activating the role of women in political life through training courses, seminars, and advertisements of all kinds.
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