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Employers Unions

Association of owners of banana planters
Establishment Date: 1984
Goals: - Community service.
Local Farm Service.
- Organization of work among members.
- Protection of members from commercial speculation.
General Union of owners of public cars, taxi offices, internal and external travel and centers
Establishment Date: 1974
Goals: - Service of the transport sector.
- Serving union members and owners of public vehicles.
Jordanian Logistics Associaion
Establishment Date: 2007
Goals: - Quality of our activities ,programs , communications and operations

- Respect to each other. Members. Supporters and competitors

- Provide a sustainable environment for fair competition within logistic industry

- Promote the interest and welfare of freight forwarders and improve their professional status and secure high standards of professional conduct and practice
Syndicate of owners of financial services companies
Establishment Date: 2011
Goals: Representation of companies in stock exchange and securities
Supporting Brokerage services
Jordanian beekeepers union
Establishment Date: 1994
Goals: - Developing beekeeping sector
- Supporting beekeepers
The Syndicate of Medical, Scientific and Laboratory Dealers
Establishment Date: 1994
Goals: Serving its members in accordance with the national economy
Jordanian Car Rental Association
Establishment Date: 2004
Goals: - Professional in providing efficient and organized investment and standing by the members of the public body and meet their needs.
- Raising the level of the profession for all offices operating in the sector.
- Representing members in government departments, ministries and various official departments.
- Working to solve the problems and obstacles that arise among members.
- Work to achieve integration among members of the union and develop a spirit of support and cooperation among them.
- Coordination between the union and the land transport organization.
- Social goals free of any political, religious or sectarian trends.
- Non-profit and personal benefit objectives, but development of the sector towards progress and success
Syndicate of printing presses
Establishment Date: 1972
Association of Employers and Employers of Non-Jordanians
Establishment Date: 2004
Goals: - Securing the Jordanian market with trained workers qualified for domestic work.
- Insure persons with special needs in a worker commensurate with his health status.
- Protect the rights of migrant workers from food, drink and clothes and not to violate
their rights by the Jordanian sponsor.
- Cooperate with human rights bodies and the human trials unit and provide them with adequate information in the event of any worker being subjected to physical abuse.
- Work and coordinate with the competent authorities in the process of bringing in the organization of the labor market and obtaining the worker a work permit and the annual establishment to be legally located within the Kingdom.
- To defend members of the union and its members.
Jordan olive oil syndicate
Establishment Date: 1994
Goals: To take care of the interests of the union and defend its rights and the rights of its members in front of all official and non-official bodies
- Contribute to the proposal of draft laws and agricultural regulations for the sector in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture
- Contributing to the development of agricultural policies related to olive and methods of implementation
- Organizing the profession to improve its scientific and professional level
- Cooperation with the agricultural federations and unions in the Arab world and the International Olive Oil Council to raise the profession, develop and upgrade it
- To ensure that the Jordanian Supreme Council of Olive Oil sees the light in order to enhance the role of this sector effectively
- To ensure the dignified life of members and their families in cases of disability, old age and other urgent situations within the limits of the regulations in force under the provisions of this law by creating a comprehensive health insurance system
Jordan Shipping Association
Establishment Date: 1985
Goals: Promoting the development and growth of shipping in the Kingdom via the port
of Aqaba through the promotion of skills and business concepts in the public and private sectors, providing high quality service, creating a business environment attractive to investments by working with the government, owners and ship-operators, and assisting members of the association to make high professional standards.
Association of Merchants and Producers of Agricultural Materials
Establishment Date: 1982
Goals: Taking care of the interests of the members and regulating their own affairs, coordinating efforts of the association׳s members and exploring areas of cooperation among them, representing members before formal authorities, agencies, official and private bodies concerned with the profession, settling disputes that might arise among members or with other entities, and holding or taking part in conferences and exhibitions inside the Kingdom or abroad, working with entities and general commission in the agricultural sector at the local and international level and entities in other sectors, sponsoring and holding workshops, conferences and sessions, obtaining technical assistance from inside the Kingdom and from abroad, obtaining financial support for such activities in line with the provisions of the law.
Stationery, Book Shops and Office Equipments Traders and Manufacturers
Establishment Date: 1997
Goals: Taking care of the interests of the members and organizing their affairs and communicating with them, representing members before relevant authorities and defending their interests and providing services for members such as health care and housing.
Association for Owners of Land Survey Offices
Establishment Date: 1999
Goals: Serving the community by resolving disputes among people, and offering assistance to the members
Jordanian Association for Dental Laboratories Owners
Establishment Date: 1982
Goals: 1 - upgrading the sector by keeping abreast of the latest scientific and technological developments.
2 - Attempt to establish a professional association for the general trade of dentists in Jordan.
3 - to impose control on the sector to preserve the rights of those who are committed to the laws of violations of others.
Association of the Owners of Cargo Shipment and Clearance Companies
Establishment Date: 1982
Goals: Serving the companies working in clearance, uniting the clearance companies under one umbrella that defends their business objectives, concerns and problems, defending members ׳ rights and representing them before other bodies, cooperating with others to raise the level of the profession, enhancing the efficiency of workers in the field and addressing problems that might arise among members or another party.
General Association of Petrol and Gas Distribution Stations Owners
Establishment Date: 1972
Goals: Taking care of the interests of the owners of gas stations and gas distribution stores, developing the sector of gas and derivatives in the Kingdom in line with scientific and technological development, enhancing the performance of workers in the sector, and maintaining good and balanced relations with the parties in the distribution of gas and fuel.
Association of Workers in Mechanical Professions
Establishment Date: 1978
Goals: Regulating the affairs of its members, taking care of their interests, defending their rights and enhancing the level of their profession, raising the level of awareness of the members, establishing a cooperation fund to strengthen the spirit of cooperation among the members, establishing a provident fund and social security insurance fund, creating housing projects and providing social services and financial aid for members and their families and opening training centers.
Owners of Stone Quarries Association
Establishment Date: 2007
Goals: Focusing on the interests of members and their profession, representing them before official bodies, and at conferences, seminars and activities of official and unofficial type, and uniting members of the association and protecting them from foreign speculation.
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