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Comprehensive Guide to Civil Society Organizations in Jordan

The Comprehensive Guide to Civil Society Organizations in Jordan is a jointeffort between the Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies and the Friedrech-Ebert-Stiftungto attempt to present an inclusive database for civil activists in the public lifeof Jordan. The Guide presents a list of different Jordanian civil societyorganizations, in addition to foreign organizations working in the kingdom.


The Organizations included in the Guide are classified according to theirgoals and scope of work, the categories being as follows; employer unions andtheir societies, chambers of commerce and industry, trade unions andprofessional associations, organizations for individuals having disabilities,environmental organizations, cultural and scientific organizations, youth andsport clubs, health care organizations, child and orphans care, womenorganizations, and multipurpose societies, in addition to organizations thatare concerned with community protection and development as well as humanrights, and foreign organizations.


Last Updated
The Taj Desert Society for Women
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: - Provide jobs.
-Educating women.
-Giving awareness lectures to women.
-Organizing workshops.
Wadi Mousa Charitable Society
Establishment Date: 1993
Goals: Support participation of women in various aspects of life through activities, projects and training programs for their rehabilitation, development and increase their active participation alongside men to the development of our society.
Women of Ahel Al - Hima Charity Association
Establishment Date: 2009
Goals: -Child Care.
-Empowering women politically, economically and culturally.
-Establish income-generating production projects.
Jordan Women's Union - Tafila
Establishment Date: 1981
Goals: - Women and society service.
- Caring for children.
Establishing productive- projects for women.
Educating women.
Fatema Alzahra Society for Ladies
Establishment Date: 2001
Goals: -Take care of an orphan child.
-Care for women.
-Empowering women economically and politically.
-Support to needy families.
-Caring for a widowed and divorced woman.
Jordanian Women Union
Establishment Date: 1990
Goals: To eliminate all types of discrimination against Jordanian women.

To emphasize the role of Jordanian women in society and to empower them to practice their rights based on equality, justice, and respect.

To raise Jordanian women’s awareness of their role in society and to strengthen their participation in all fields of society.

To enhance and encourage Jordanian women’s participation in public life.

To eliminate legal, cultural, and political illiteracy among Jordanian women.

To eliminate all legal, economic, social, and cultural barriers against women, by the human rights conventions signed by the Jordanian government.

To promote human rights, in general, and women’s and children’s rights, in particular.

To network and cooperate with other Arab women’s organizations, with a specific focus on the rights of Palestinian and Arab women.

To establish and maintain solidarity with international women’s rights movements.
Islamic Help
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: -Ensuring orphans, poor families and even people with special needs.
-Relief in crises, especially crises resulting from conflicts, wars, etc.
-Education and training.
- assistance in cultural and rehabilitation programs.
-Rehabilitation and training of local community organizations.
-Teaching Syrian students in informal settlements
Collateral Repair Project
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: - Provide Financial Aid
- Provide Food Aid
- Provide Health Aid
Association of Women Balqa
Establishment Date: 2010
Goals: -Empowering women economically and culturally.
-Helping poor families.
Husseiniya Association for the Rehabilitation of Women
Establishment Date: 2015
Goals: -Empowering women and improving their conditions in all aspects.
-Helping poor and needy families.