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Comprehensive Guide to Civil Society Organizations in Jordan

The Comprehensive Guide to Civil Society Organizations in Jordan is a jointeffort between the Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies and the Friedrech-Ebert-Stiftungto attempt to present an inclusive database for civil activists in the public lifeof Jordan. The Guide presents a list of different Jordanian civil societyorganizations, in addition to foreign organizations working in the kingdom.


The Organizations included in the Guide are classified according to theirgoals and scope of work, the categories being as follows; employer unions andtheir societies, chambers of commerce and industry, trade unions andprofessional associations, organizations for individuals having disabilities,environmental organizations, cultural and scientific organizations, youth andsport clubs, health care organizations, child and orphans care, womenorganizations, and multipurpose societies, in addition to organizations thatare concerned with community protection and development as well as humanrights, and foreign organizations.


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Al-Karak Forum for Folklore Events
Establishment Date: 2004
Goals: Enhance the communication and the mutual trust between citizens on one hand and the decision makers on the other hand, express opinions in the developmental projects, participate in social and cultural activities, in addition to the national conferences which discuss the state affairs.
Jordan Medical Association
Establishment Date: 1954
Goals: Enhancing the status of the profession, protecting it, and organising it, cooperating with ministries and institutions concerned with developing and raising the level of health services in order to provide the best medical services for Jordanian citizens, uniting doctors, defending their rights, and keeping the profession’s ethics, providing decent life for dentists and their families in cases of physical disability, elderly, or death and networking with Jordanian dentists outside the country; and with Arab and foreign dental associations.
The Jordanian Free Zones Investors Association
Establishment Date: 1994
Goals: Taking care of the interests of its members, organising their affairs, coordinating their efforts, and working on the creation of areas of cooperation among them, representing their interests before all the concerned departments and agencies, taking part with the concerned parties in the free zones to make decisions and recommendations about investment in the free zones, activating the role of these zones to support the country's economy and encouraging the Arab and foreign investors to invest in them.
Abnaa Al-Nashama For Charity
Establishment Date: 2016
Al - Sindian Association for Democratic and Political Development and Human Rights
Establishment Date: 2010
Goals: Spreading the culture of democracy of human rights disciplines, training young leaders and empowering citizens
Jordan Teachers Synidicate
Establishment Date: 24/3/2011
Rakhaa Business Association
Establishment Date: 1996
Goals: - Networking among the members of the Association in different sectors.
- Publishing economic articles and sections to enrich Arabic and local content to develop people's ambitious entrepreneurial skills and ideas.
Avis People For Development
Establishment Date: 2006
Goals: Sustainable development based on peoples needs. Therefore projects are focused on the challenges of education where the individual is accompanied and supported in his development. Further projects aim to support civil society organisations. In Jordan the work is focused on Humanitarian Aid to Syrian Refugees and educational projects. Main areas are also health and psycho-social assistance, education, vocational training and job placement, as well as income-generating activities.
Association of the Jordanian Planning Forum
Establishment Date: 2011
Goals: - Providing a platform for planners to communicate and share planning knowledge on both; the national and international levels.
- Raising awareness of the planning profession among Jordanian communities and other concerned professionals.
- Presenting independent professional opinion about urban and civic issues.