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Comprehensive Guide to Civil Society Organizations in Jordan

The Comprehensive Guide to Civil Society Organizations in Jordan is a joint effort between the Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies and the Friedrech-Ebert-Stiftungto attempt to present an inclusive database for civil activists in the public life of Jordan. The Guide presents a list of different Jordanian civil society organizations, in addition to foreign organizations working in the kingdom.


The Organizations included in the Guide are classified according to their goals and scope of work, the categories being as follows; employer unions and their societies, chambers of commerce and industry, trade unions and professional associations, organizations for individuals having disabilities,environmental organizations, cultural and scientific organizations, youth and sport clubs, health care organizations, child and orphans care, women organizations, and multipurpose societies, in addition to organizations that are concerned with community protection and development as well as human rights, and foreign organizations.

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Jordan Pharmacists Association
Establishment Date: 1957
Goals: Protecting, maintaining, and regulating the interests of the profession, cooperating with all ministries and institutions concerned with pharmaceutical and drugs services to raise its level and provide it to all people, uniting pharmacists and protecting their rights and dignity; protecting ethics of the profession; encouraging scientific research, especially in the field of pharmacology and providing decent life for pharmacists and their families in cases of need and elderly.
Jordanian Association for Dental Laboratories Owners
Establishment Date: 1982
Goals: 1 - upgrading the sector by keeping abreast of the latest scientific and technological developments.
2 - Attempt to establish a professional association for the general trade of dentists in Jordan.
3 - to impose control on the sector to preserve the rights of those who are committed to the laws of violations of others.
alshulah Club for the Blind
Establishment Date: 1991
Goals: Practicing in sports designed for the visually impaired and the blind, such as football, chess, table tennis, and athletics, providing them with social care and organising tours, concerts, meetings, and cultural activities, such as seminars and lectures in addition to establishing audio and Braille libraries.
The Social Development Committee
Establishment Date: 2010
Goals: - Help the poor
- Establishment of economic projects.
- Training courses for the local community.
Al Wehdat Sport Club
Establishment Date: 1956
Goals: Supporting sport activities, supporting all scientific, intellectual, literary and cultural capabilities and serving the club members in different methods, providing a healthy environment for the club visitors as it is a youth, social, cultural, humanitarian and educational club, issuing a weekly newspaper, providing assistance and care for the orphans.
Khashafiya Aldbayba Charitable Society
Establishment Date: 1993
Goals: - Providing assistance to the poor and orphans
- Open kindergartens.
- Providing Care for people with disabilities.
- Helping students and support them during their study stages
Al Rumail Charity Association
Establishment Date: 1992
Goals: - Help needy families.
- Help students .
Al Jazeerah Sport Club
Establishment Date: 1947
Goals: Holding sport, cultural, social and art activities.
Al Baq’a Sport Club
Establishment Date: 1968
Goals: Holding sport, cultural, social and art activities.
Abshar Ya Watan Association
Establishment Date: 2011
Goals: - Reviving the spirit of voluntary work among members of society.
- Economic Empowerment.
- Training courses for handicrafts.