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Comprehensive Guide to Civil Society Organizations in Jordan

The Comprehensive Guide to Civil Society Organizations in Jordan is a jointeffort between the Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies and the Friedrech-Ebert-Stiftungto attempt to present an inclusive database for civil activists in the public lifeof Jordan. The Guide presents a list of different Jordanian civil societyorganizations, in addition to foreign organizations working in the kingdom.


The Organizations included in the Guide are classified according to theirgoals and scope of work, the categories being as follows; employer unions andtheir societies, chambers of commerce and industry, trade unions andprofessional associations, organizations for individuals having disabilities,environmental organizations, cultural and scientific organizations, youth andsport clubs, health care organizations, child and orphans care, womenorganizations, and multipurpose societies, in addition to organizations thatare concerned with community protection and development as well as humanrights, and foreign organizations.


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The Information Technology Association of Jordan – Intaj
Establishment Date: 2000
Goals: Supporting the ICT industry, placing pressure on the government and international groups and proposing national initiatives, activating public relations, promoting investment opportunities related to the industry in Jordan, opening new markets in the country, promoting agencies issuing certifications and highlighting the value of these certifications and implementing a model in the ICT industry, granting certifications demonstrating compliance with intellectual property rights, leading the implementation of the national strategy for the IT sector in collaboration with relevant bodies and spreading the use and the application of information technology and communication within the industry at the different areas of business.
Shahem Center for Training and Development
Establishment Date: 2015
Goals: - Local community development and training.
- Training for members of the local community in all fields.
- Local and international consultations of organizations.
Jordanian Society for Political Sciences
Establishment Date: 1997
Goals: - Upgrading the profession of teaching in political science, and encouraging professional specialization.

- Encouraging and supporting research and scientific studies, and working on the rehabilitation of researchers in political science to provide research that meets the needs of Jordanian and Arab society and the publication of a magazine publish such research and studies.

- Activate the translation movement to and from the Arabic language, which contributes to the promotion and modernization of knowledge in the field of political science and openness to other cultures.

- Encourage field research and work to develop and discover research methods and tools suitable for the Jordanian and Arab environment.

- To establish a documentary activity for the data and information on political science and facilitate its dissemination and exchange among workers in this field.

- Organizing and sponsoring conferences and scientific seminars and participating in them on various levels.

- Strengthen relations and exchange of experience among the specialized staff in the field of political science and enhance communication and cooperation among them to create the appropriate cultural atmosphere to highlight the abilities of creators and encourage creativity and originality.

- Establishing relations with similar associations, both Arab and international, which helps in promoting political science.

- Take care of the interests of the members of the physical and moral society and defend their rights and their gains, in addition to strengthen social relations among the members of the association in order to enhance the spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

- The Association seeks to achieve its objectives under the umbrella of the Jordanian Constitution and the laws in force in the Kingdom taking into consideration the supreme national interest in all its activities.
Great Arab Revolt Club
Establishment Date: 1992
Goals: Following up on studies on the Great Arab Revolt and the history of the Kingdom and documenting them, communicating with the youth sector, especially students through holding cultural and social activities that meet the national objectives and the Royal Hashemite visions, focusing on realizing the principle of dialogue and addressing issues inside the Kingdom and abroad, holding discussion sessions to provide participants with accurate and objective information on these issues, holding national awareness programs and implementing these programs in terms of holding trips to highlight the track of the revolt and in holding national occasions as well as holding seminars, interacting with developments in Jordan to serve the Kingdom, and implementing the vision by the Hashemite leadership in political and social fields including the “We Are All Jordan” slogan, which is a clear call for dialogue.
The National Center for Human Rights
Establishment Date: 2002
Goals: Protect and promote the principles of human rights and public freedoms in the Kingdom and to promote the principles of human rights in the Kingdom, inspired by the tolerant message of Islam, the values of the Arab and Islamic heritage, the rights enshrined in the Constitution, the principles of the Constitution, Human rights in the Kingdom at the levels of thought and practice.
Non-discrimination among citizens on the grounds of race, language, religion or gender, and the promotion of the democratic approach in the Kingdom to create an integrated and balanced model based on the promotion of freedoms and ensure political pluralism and respect for the rule of law; Arab and international political pluralism on human rights, and follow up developments in national legislation related to human rights and work to develop them in line with the international conventions and standards that Jordan has committed to.
Social Security retirees Society
Establishment Date: 2009
Goals: Enhancing the socio-economical life for the retirees, while raising their awareness toward knowing their rights, at the same time the society taking in its responsibilities to establish a new project for the retirees benefits and the local community.
Jordan Medical Association
Establishment Date: 1954
Goals: Enhancing the status of the profession, protecting it, and organising it, cooperating with ministries and institutions concerned with developing and raising the level of health services in order to provide the best medical services for Jordanian citizens, uniting doctors, defending their rights, and keeping the profession’s ethics, providing decent life for dentists and their families in cases of physical disability, elderly, or death and networking with Jordanian dentists outside the country; and with Arab and foreign dental associations.
The Jordanian Free Zones Investors Association
Establishment Date: 1994
Goals: Taking care of the interests of its members, organising their affairs, coordinating their efforts, and working on the creation of areas of cooperation among them, representing their interests before all the concerned departments and agencies, taking part with the concerned parties in the free zones to make decisions and recommendations about investment in the free zones, activating the role of these zones to support the country's economy and encouraging the Arab and foreign investors to invest in them.
Abnaa Al-Nashama For Charity
Establishment Date: 2016