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Professional Societies

wise women plumbers cooperative
Establishment Date: 2014
EVAL Jordan
Establishment Date:
Jordan Wood Carvers Association
Establishment Date:
Jordanian Graphic Designers Association
Establishment Date: 2012
Jordanian Association for Driving Training Centers and its Workers
Establishment Date: 2009
Goals: Helping driving training centers’ owners and workers, establish training sites, coordinate with car companies, and improve workers’ professional level.
Jordanian Association for traditional crafts and industries
Establishment Date: 1967
Goals: Raising the level of the profession and develop and disseminate tourism awareness among its members and the development of tourism and revitalization in cooperation with the ministry.
Jordanian Interior Design Association
Establishment Date: 2006
Goals: Organising design works and making a special code for expertise, holding courses and cultural, scientific and technical conferences, supporting local market with technical expertise, creating jobs for specialised personnel, coordinating with universities and employers to assist students in the training period, and protecting the members of the society and the rights of customers
The Jordanian Society for Work and Profession Ethics
Establishment Date: 2004
Goals: Enhancing the ethics of work and profession in the life of citizens and institutions (public, private civil society, press and academic institutions), expanding the implementation of work ethics at the individual and institutional level to make a positive change in the life of people and communities.
The Jordanian Society for Occupational Therapists
Establishment Date: 2004
Goals: Serving occupational therapists who are graduates from Jordanian universities, enhancing the skills of occupational therapists through courses, training and seminars, contributing to spread the profession at the level of public and private hospitals, representing Jordan in the field of occupational therapy locally and internationally, and contributing to adopt occupational therapy programmes in the Jordanian universities at the International Federation for Occupational Therapists.
Jordan Tour Guides Association
Establishment Date: 1998
Goals: Care of the interests of members of the Assembly and the preservation of their rights and the provision of health and social services for them, and cooperation and coordination with the ministry and the departments and institutions, associations and bodies other tourist specialized in all areas of work-related tourism and revitalization, and maintaining the National Tourism Administration and the reputation of the professions other tourist attractions, and the development of the profession of tour guide and the training of technical personnel working in the field guides tourists, conferences, meetings and seminars tourism within the Kingdom and abroad and participate in, and share with the relevant authorities in determining the terms and usages tourist, norms and standards dealing to practice in accordance with local regulations and international norms, and the issuance of magazines and periodicals professional after the approval of the competent official authorities, and participation in the preparation of studies and proposals on legislation related to tourism and submitted to the concerned authorities.
Licensing Executives Society-Arab Countries
Establishment Date: 1997
Goals: Educating the business community and governmental bodies on the economic importance of licensing, technology transfer and the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), establishing and maintaining a balance between business and licensing professional members of LES-AC throughout the Arab region, assisting members in improving their skills and techniques through education, research, special training courses, publications and Exchange of ideas regarding licensing, technology transfer and Intellectual Property, assisting members of LES-AC in carrying out their activities and coordinating their efforts with other bodies, providing the Arab business community with an added value by providing professional Programes and certificates, and promoting and nurturing local technological innovation in national, regional and global markets.
Jordan Farmers Union
Establishment Date: 1997
Goals: Allowing participation of farmers in the work of the Federation and its activities, touching the needs of farmers and providing services to them to achieve sustainable agricultural development and conservation of natural resources and environmental, paying attention to women farmers and the revival of its historic role in the production process of agricultural and food processing, promoting community awareness of the importance of agriculture and the need to preserve agricultural land, and addressing the problems facing the agricultural sector study and analysis and developing appropriate solutions to address them, training the Jordanian youth to work in professions related to the agricultural sector and equipping them with skills that enable them penetrate the agricultural sector, enabling young Jordanians to be acquainted with agricultural experiences in the Arab countries and the world, highlighting the relative benefits of the Jordanian agricultural sector and promoting Jordanian agricultural produce to increase exports.
Jordanian Arbitrators Society
Establishment Date: 1997
Goals: Identifying arbitration, conciliation, mediation and resolution of differences as a means to resolve disputes and differences and profile methods, rules and procedures necessary to do so, coordinating and cooperating with bodies and arbitration centres of Arab and international agencies, including the Arab arbitration bodies to resolve disputes and provide advice to parties in conflict in the areas of arbitration and reconciliation in the fields of construction contracts, business and finance and resolving other disputes as allowed by law, selecting an arbitrators or conciliators or mediators for the resolution of differences.
Institute of Management Consultants and Trainers in Jordan
Establishment Date: 1995
Goals: Raising the level of the profession of management consulting and fork them of career management training and the definition of their role and to lay the foundations necessary to ensure good their performance, update and develop methods of career management consulting and management training in line with modern concepts of Management Consulting and Human Resources Development and regulate the exercise of the profession of management consulting and management training, and rehabilitation counselors, coaches administrators according to international standards and provide appropriate training for them, and care for the interests of advisers and trainers, administrators and defend their rights, and raise the level of competitiveness of advisers and trainers, administrators Jordanian inside and outside Jordan.
The Arab Society of Certified Accountants
Establishment Date: 1984
Goals: Improving the profession of accounting and auditing and other related specialties that are used in the professional services that are provided by accountants in all fields including industry and commerce at the level of the Arab world, preserving the independency of accountants and ensuring their protection and applying standards of professional supervision to them as a means to upgrade their level in the field of accounting and auditing, developing and facilitating the publishing of scientific and professional information and exchanging it between accountants and professionals through holding conferences, meetings, seminars, training programs and scientific meetings and encouraging scientific and occupational research.
The Jordanian Association of Certified Public Accountants
Establishment Date: 1988
Goals: Considering the members interest to maintain the traditions of the profession in the various fields, encouraging scientific research in various fields of the profession, contributing to set plans and develop training programs to enhance the capacity of public accountants and cooperating and coordinating with local Arab and international associations.
Electrical Engineers Society-Jordan
Establishment Date: 1987
Goals: Enhancing and supporting electric and electronic engineering and the engineering of manufacturing in Jordan, and encouraging the exchange of expertise related to science, and electric engineering to preserve a high level of professional behavior to serve local communities.
Jordanian Chemical Society
Establishment Date: 1974
Goals: Enhancing bonds between Jordanians chemists and the Arab scientific institutes and institutions, highlighting the role of chemists in developing the community in all fields, enhancing the status of chemists and increasing their scientific level and holding progarms for that end, supporting scientific research in the different fields of chemistry and developing chemistry teaching progarms at the different educational levels, providing technical and scientific consultations in fields of chemistry and its applications in light of the society’s available capabilities and highlighting the activities of Jordanian chemists in different media outlets.