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Chambers of Industry

Amman Chamber of Industry
Establishment Date: 1962
Goals: To take care of the interests of all industrial and professional, institutions and to defend them, meet their needs and desires, and provide distinctive services and programs to enhance the competitiveness of Jordanian industrial products and to support the national economy.
Irbid Chamber of Industry
Establishment Date: 1998
Goals: Providing distinctive services in the areas of interest to the industrial sector and urging the industrial sector to seek to open up foreign markets to industrial products by participating in local fairs.
Jordan Chamber of Industry
Establishment Date: 2005
Goals: Participating in general policy-making for industry and in setting the strategy and plans for implementation of these policies, developing and enhancing the national industry, taking care of all industrial enterprises and professional institutions, promoting cooperation among chambers of industry and among unions and chambers of Arab and foreign countries, working to strengthen the capacities of chambers of industry and working to coordinate the capabilities of those chambers
Zarqa Chamber of Industry
Establishment Date: 1998
Goals: Representing industrial sectors in the governorate of Zarqa at governmental departments and regional and international institutions, providing services to the members in issuing certifications and documentation of transactions, establishing relations with Arab and international chambers in the field of establishing joint projects, promoting investments, supporting national economic policies, , pressuring the relevant authorities to achieve the desired industrial goals through the presentation of the views of the industrialists and the exchange of views, visits, meetings and constant communication with all official and private bodies, developing studies and research in the fields of economics, financial policies and legislation, holding seminars, courses and workshops to increase knowledge in addition to develop and support the industrial capacities, and providing industrial sectors with information and business opportunities at the local and foreign markets.