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Environmental Organizations

Jordan Environmental Committee
Establishment Date: 2016
Orchida Association
Establishment Date: 2016
Jordanian Society for the Environment
Establishment Date: 2011
Kenana Society for Water and Environment Protection
Establishment Date: 2016
Goals: -Conservation of water and the environment.
-Workshops for students on how to use the best environment and water.
Association of companies working in the field of renewable energy
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: -Making the renewable energy sector distinguished from a technical and professional standpoint.
-Contribute to raising the efficiency of workers in the renewable energy sector and providing the best service and protection for the consumer.
-Protecting the rights and representations of members, their representation and defending them in the official authorities and the private sector.
Jordanian Association for the Development and Development of Natural Resources
Establishment Date: 2003
Goals: We work to shed light on natural resources, whether mineral or human resources.
Environmental Protection Society in Fuheis
Establishment Date: 2013
Jordan Green Association
Establishment Date: 2014
Association for Climate Change and Environmental Protection of Jordan
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: -Educating people about the dangers of climate change and its effects on the environment and the human being, using all available methods of awareness.
-Encouraging the community to use alternative energy such as wind energy.
Green Generation Environmental Association
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: -Increase environmental awareness.
-Create a generation of young people with environmental leadership.
-Focus on climate change issues.
Ma'an Youth Association for Environmental Protection
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: - environment protection.
-Holding training courses for environmental learning and biodiversity.
-The Management of small projects.
East Amman Environmental Protection Society
Establishment Date: 2014
Goals: environment protection.
Water Users and Environmental Protection Society
Establishment Date: 2016
Goals: -water treatment.
- environment protection.
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