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Human Rights Organizations

The Jordanian Society for Human Rights
Establishment Date: 1996
Goals: Protect and support human rights in Jordan, work in accordance to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all international conventions related to human rights, and Jordan's historical heritage for the sake of freedom, democracy, and equity, participate in the process of improving legislation, laws and regulations in order to guarantee the respect of human rights principles and Jordan's commitment in cooperation with all concerned institution and entities, assist Jordanians whose rights are violated and provid them with the required services, prepare researches, periodical reports, and studies on the conditions of human rights and following up on their improvement in jordan, and submitt proposals to the concerned entities in order to improve applying human rights
The Arab Organisation for Human Rights in Jordan
Establishment Date: 1989
Goals: Working on enhancing human rights and freedoms in the Arab world for all citizens and those residing in Arab states in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the relevant international conventions, assisting Jordanian citizens who are subject to any illegal procedures or harsh treatment or whose freedom is violated or who is detained without an arrest warrant or who is subject to any security or precautionary measures that are not taken legally or issued by a specialised legal entity, and exposing and condemning suppressive and arbitrary practices by the Zionist enemy against human rights in the occupied Arab territories.
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