The National Society for Freedom and Democracy


Ensuring the continuity of the democratic approach and entrenching it in the behavior of citizens through raising democratic awareness and enhancing, implementing and exercising the concept of democracy in all institutions, fields and with all individuals, so Jordanians enjoy freedom, equity, justice and security, ensuring freedoms and political, environmental and social human rights, and calling for the implementation of principles of democracy, freedom and equity in the Jordanian Constitution and the National Charter.


  • Establishment Date: 1993
  • Members: 9 Members.
  • Branches: -
  • President: Nadia Al A’alool
  • Managing Board: Vice president: Othman Alkilani.
    Secretary: Mohammad Labadeh.
    Treasurer: Mousa Qahoush.
    Members: Raeq Hamad,Mahmoud Alkhalili,Abdelqader hanon,Hasan Al Armouti,Abdalhameed
  • Election Period: 3 years
  • Last Election: 2012

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