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The National Center for Human Rights

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Establishment Date: 2002
Goals: Protect and promote the principles of human rights and public freedoms in the Kingdom and to promote the principles of human rights in the Kingdom, inspired by the tolerant message of Islam, the values of the Arab and Islamic heritage, the rights enshrined in the Constitution, the principles of the Constitution, Human rights in the Kingdom at the levels of thought and practice.
Non-discrimination among citizens on the grounds of race, language, religion or gender, and the promotion of the democratic approach in the Kingdom to create an integrated and balanced model based on the promotion of freedoms and ensure political pluralism and respect for the rule of law; Arab and international political pluralism on human rights, and follow up developments in national legislation related to human rights and work to develop them in line with the international conventions and standards that Jordan has committed to.
Members: 21 members
Branches: -
President: Raheel Gharaybeh
Managing Board: Vice President: Saed Hijazi
Secretary: Ayman Odeh
Treasurer: Taghreed Hekmat
Election Period: 3 years
Last Election: 2019
Telephone: 257 32 59 06 - 396 20 59 06
Fax: 072 30 59 06
Address: Amman –5th circle - Zahran St.- Bldg. 151
P.O.Box: 5503 Amman 11183 Jordan