The Jordan Society for the Prevention of Road Accidents


- Spread awareness and education of citizens through all available means.
- Study and implement all measures to prevent road accidents and reduce their number and their risk to increase the security of road users.


  • Establishment Date: 5/11/1975
  • Members: 914 members
  • Branches: 1- Irbid
    2- Mafraq
    3- Zarqa
    4- Balqa
    5- Madaba
    6- Karak
    7- Tafila
    8- Maan
    9- Aqaba
  • President: Eng. Nezar Mahmoud Suleiman Al Abbadi
  • Managing Board: Vice President: Eng. Mashhour Darweesh Al Shahwan
    Secretary: Ibraheem Mohammad Muslem
    Treasurer: Rabah Rebhi Qafesha
  • Election Period: 3 years
  • Last Election: 14/5/2016

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