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Sawt Al Haq Human Rights Association

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Establishment Date: 2013
Goals: - Promotion and protection of human rights, including civil and political, economic, social and cultural rights, based on international conventions, and national legislation
- (Democratic participation and human rights) promote the concepts of freedoms and participation in the framework of human rights in order to establish a comprehensive development
- (Political participation) activating the role of the individual in political participation
- (Combating Corruption to Enhance Transparency, Oversight, and Accountability)
- Support and promote initiatives and programs aimed at deepening the culture of reform and public institutions in the procedures and structures managed by public and private sector institutions, and promoting the supervision of their activities for accountability.
Members: 10 members
President: Ali Qasem Shweiter
Managing Board: Vice President: Ali Saleh Al Zubi
Secretary: Tasneem Ali Shweiter
Treasurer: Thekraiat Ahmad Sameeh Al Haj
Election Period: 4 years
Last Election: 2017
Telephone: 0777742020 - 0795858270
Address: Irbid - Opposite of Palace of Justice