Juzur Al-Khair Association for the Elderly


- Serving the elderly category of 50 years and over, males and females, in various fields.
- healthy, social activities,
Sports, religious, cultural.
- In-kind and material aid.


  • Establishment Date: 2019
  • Members: 16 Members
  • Branches: -
  • President: Khawla Al-Momani
  • Managing Board: Vice President: Rima Al-Momani
    Secretary: Alia Al-Momani
    Treasurer: Nariman Al-Qudah
    Members: Magda Al-Fayouf, Seham Al-Zoghoul, Nazmia Al-Naseer, Rima Al-Qudah
  • Election Period: 4 Years
  • Last Election: 2019

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