Jordanian Physical Therapy Society


- Raise the level of professional competence for physiotherapy.
- Contributing to raising the educational level of the profession of physical therapy in Jordan.
- Preserving the honor and protection of the profession and restricting its practice in qualified and registered members who have a working membership in the association and licensed to practice a profession from the Jordanian Ministry of Health.
- Holding seminars and general periodic meetings, giving lectures and issuing pamphlets interested in physical therapy as well as the exchange of information in everything related to physical therapy.
- Providing necessary consultancy, services and technical assistance to those in need.
- Participating in Arab and international seminars and conferences that will spread knowledge in the field of physiotherapy.
- Preserving the membership of the Association in the Arab and World Federation of Physiotherapy.


  • Establishment Date: 1980
  • Members: 100 members
  • Branches:
  • President: Dr. Salama Al-Dajh
  • Managing Board: Vice President:
    Treasurer: Hussein Al Samareen
  • Election Period: 2 years
  • Last Election: 2022

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