Jordan Paramedic Society


- Dissemination of the concept of first aid and preventive health and maintain a safe community of diseases by prevention and advice and guidance.
- Establish productive projects that serve the objectives of the society and the local community.
- To spread the concept of first aid and preventive health for its role in the development of health awareness among citizens in how to deal with injuries, especially before the arrival of specialized assistance.
- Cooperate with parties with common objectives to protect families, children, and communities in disasters and wars in addition to provide medical assistance in cases of natural and human disasters.
- Helping the elderly in cases of illness, disability, disasters, and wars.
- Providing health services to citizens and residents who are not healthy and not financially able.
- Integration with public sector institutions in achieving national goals in the areas of the work of the Society and participation in national, international and regional committees concerned in health and medical affairs for immediate response and assistance.
- To support continuing education and training for ambulance staff and the local, regional and international medical sector through holding conferences, courses, and productive projects.
- Developing the administrative, professional and leadership capacities of employees in all sectors.


  • Establishment Date: 2012
  • Members: 15 members
  • Branches:
  • President: Yanal Othman Al Ajlouni
  • Managing Board: Vice-President: Al Ameen Othman Al Ajlouni.
    Secretary: Yazen Abdelqader Abed.
    Treasurer: Anas Aref Mahasneh.
  • Election Period: 4 years
  • Last Election: 2017

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