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Jordanian Interior Design Association

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Establishment Date: 2006
Goals: Organising design works and making a special code for expertise, holding courses and cultural, scientific and technical conferences, supporting local market with technical expertise, creating jobs for specialised personnel, coordinating with universities and employers to assist students in the training period, and protecting the members of the society and the rights of customers
Members: 250 members
Branches: None
President: Souzan Abu Jabir
Managing Board: Vice president: Maha Quwar.
Secretary: Reem Abu Siteh
Treasurer: Dines keldani
Members: Bilal Hammad,. ashraf jwenat. Nisren Abu Deal
Election Period: Three years
Last Election: 2015
Telephone: 06-4615330 /0795623800
Address: Amman - alwebdieh- ibrahim toqan st.
P.O.Box: 926164 Amman 11190 Jordan