Al Badeel Centre for Studies & Research


The center aims to deepen democratic awareness among the Jordanian public opinion and the Arab world by contributing in spreading the culture of human rights and activating the participation of women, youth and work on the development of democracy and political legislation and laws governing the work of the year, and the promotion of civil society Dormassat. As the center works to promote the concept of dialogue among civilizations and religions, and the rejection of extremism and terrorism in all its forms confrontation with the distinction between him and the right of peoples to resist the occupier. The Center seeks to fulfill its role in the framework of economic and social development through foreseeing the visions and propose solutions to the prospects of development and the role of the individual and their institutions


  • Establishment Date: 2006
  • Members:
  • Branches:
  • President: Jamal Al.Khateeb.
  • Managing Board:
  • Election Period:
  • Last Election:

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