74% of those who lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus are women

74% of those who lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus are women

A study showed that 74% of laborers who have lost their jobs in Jordan as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic are women..

According to the Petra Jordanian News Agency, the study launched by the Jordan Business and Professional Women Forum  in partnership with Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), showed that 70% of these companies resorted to loans so that they could continue to pay their employees' salaries.                       
The study conducted between December 2020 and May 2021, titled "Assessment on the Economic Impact of Covid-19, on women-owned companies in Jordan", included a sample of 503 women-owned companies. Micro-companies accounted for about 74% of the study sample, while small and medium-sized companies accounted for 4% and 22% respectively. 

The results revealed that only 13 establishments, or 2.5% of the sample, were able to benefit from loans that fall under the economic facilities support program implemented by the Central Bank of Jordan according to defense number 4.

The study pointed out that the decline in demand, limited working hours and markets, and the closures that accompanied the pandemic, prompted about 50% of companies owned by women to lower the prices of their products in order to compete, while about 30% of them had to reduce the number of employees.

Approximately 6% of companies owned by women in Jordan were able to get back to work at the time of the study..

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