Foresight Association for Environmental Right and Climate Justice


- Integrating legal concepts related to environmental and climate action and the principles of international environmental law in national legislation, public policies and national strategy.
- Introducing and disseminating environmental rights and climate justice.
- Contribute to strengthening the wise and rational foundations in the field of sustainable development.
- Contribute to the formulation, tracking and evaluation of local energy strategies.
- Contribute to promoting and strengthening national, regional and international partnerships.


  • Establishment Date: 2021
  • Members: 11
  • Branches: -
  • President: Dr. Ali Al-Hammouri
  • Managing Board: Vice President: Zaidan Mahmoud
    Secretary: Sohaib Al-Shorman
    Treasurer: Mahmoud Rajeh
  • Election Period: 4 Years
  • Last Election: 2021

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