General Federation of Jordanian Women


1 - Working to integrate women in the process of social, cultural, environmental, political and economic development in the Kingdom.

2- Preparing training programs, projects and qualifications to educate and train women as a basic member in building the family and citizenship participating in development.

3- Forming, qualifying and training women leaders.

4- Rasing the awareness of women about their rights and duties and enabling them to exercise their rights in all fields and building women's leadership.

5- Representing Jordanian women in national, Arab and international conferences.

6- Carrying out studies and research on women at the national and national levels and working to encourage them.


  • Establishment Date: 1981
  • Members: 200 members
  • Branches: 11 - In all cities of the Kingdom, there are branches except Aqaba.
  • President: Lana Krishan
  • Managing Board: Vice President: Salsam Mraish.
    Secretary: Amal Al-Qawasmeh.
    Treasurer: Israa Al-Atoom.
  • Election Period: Three years
  • Last Election: 2023

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