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Child & Orphas Care Organizations

Alaseel Charity Society For orphan Care
Establishment Date: 11/7/2011
Orjan Women Society for Orphans Care
Establishment Date: 3/5/2005
Charitable Society of Orphan Commission
Establishment Date: 1940
Goals: Creating nurseries for children and houses to secure shelter and livelihood, establishing secondary vocational schools, awarding grants to needy students, granting scholarships for students of secondary schools, colleges, and universities, granting loans with no interest for outstanding students who have completed their secondary education to help them pursue their education in colleges and universities, or to assist them in their education at high technology institutes, cooperating with associations and other institutions, inside and outside the Kingdom, whose goals and objectives are consistent with the assembly.
Jordanian Orphanage Charitable Society
Establishment Date: 1968
Goals: Support orphans and children of broken families.
Wattana Charitable Society for Childminding
Establishment Date: 2010
Goals: Taking care of children, improving their abilities, and utilizing thier energy, and organizing activities, lectures, and children development programs arround the year in order to follow the lead of H. M. King Abdullah the Second, and H. M. Queen Rania Al-Abdullah.
Al-Qadeseya Society for Orphans
Establishment Date: 2008
Goals: Supporting individuals with special needs and orphans, providing aids, and establishing productive projects.
Mabaret M'aan Charitable Society
Establishment Date: 1967
Goals: Establishing a kindergarten, fostering orphans, and granting loans.
Aysha Um Almo'ameneen Society for Orpahns
Establishment Date: 2010
Goals: Fostering orphans and helping poor people and students.
Ba'oun Ladies Charitable Society for Orphans Care
Establishment Date: 1994
Goals: Provide financial and in kind support for poor families and orphans, in addition to organize work shops, seminars, and lectures, granting small loans for ladies, and establish profitable projects to help the improvement of the local community.
Tawasol Society for Children and Family Development
Establishment Date: 2007
Goals: Helping and protecting children from domestic violence, increasing the awareness in the area of family and children through holding seminars and lectures, in addition to establish productive projects and a kindergarten, and providing aids for the poor.
Al-Nu'aymah, Orphans Charitable Society
Establishment Date: 2005
Goals: Fostering orphans, holding rehabilitation and training courses, concerning the orphan's cultural and educational aspect through lectures and summer camps.
Children Cultural Club Society
Establishment Date: 1996
Goals: Conduct workshops, organize plays, music courses for children and adults, and several activities for school students.
Ein Albasha orphans charitable society
Establishment Date: 1988
Goals: Take care of orphans, help poor families, grant loans, and establish a kindergarten.
Safety For Orphan's Future Fund Society
Establishment Date: 2006
Goals: Continue providing distinguished educational, rehabilitation, and training programs, and providing financial support for the in order to cover living expenses, residence, transportation, and health insurance. Besides providing good job opportunities for the graduates and training courses related to undergraduates majors. In addition to starting new programs which guarantee merging the students in the local community and promote their loyalty for the nation and development objectives.
Association of Charity Foundation of KingHussein
Establishment Date: 1956
Goals: Sheltering orphans of the sons of the martyrs and all the people who are eligible for the lines of those who have been denied the sympathy of the father and mother Hanan in order to protect the social and cultural advancement of their long and help them to make their way in life like other people. In order to guarantee them a linethey walk on them for fear of social and moral deviation.
Husseiniya Charitable Society for Orphans
Establishment Date: 2007
Goals: Supporting orphans by offering education, training and guidance, offering assistance for university students, orphans, providing moral assistance to orphans and poor families, and adopting productive projects of the society members.
Al-Ihsan Charitable Society
Establishment Date: 2006
Goals: Providing moral and financial assistance to poor families and orphans, assisting orphan students to pursue their studies and education, holding lectures and courses on tailoring, and computer, establishing income-generating productive projects, and kindergartens for the children of the community.
National Security Charitable Society / Orphan Care
Establishment Date: 2006
Goals: Establishing productive projects for the benefit and interest of individuals and society, improving the income of individuals and families by providing opportunities for different types of work, raising the level of women socially, professionally, and culturally, giving courses and lectures on raising awareness and education in various fields, and providing assistance and psychological and humanitarian aid for the needy in all possible ways.
Tafileh Children Charitable Society
Establishment Date: 2006
Goals: Providing cultural, health and educational care to children, contributing in addressing the issues of child abuse and the reduction of child labor, developing projects to serve the goals of the society and to support and care for children with special needs (such innovative children and children with learning difficulties).
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