Ajloun Chamber of Commerce


Collecting, classifying and distributing information and trade statistics and submitting them to the relevant industrial and commercial centres and departments, providing the relevant departments and public institutes with information and proposals related to the in-force laws and regulations that have economic character and providing them with everything that would lead to advancing commercial and industrial businesses, authenticating certificates of origin of goods, industrial and agricultural products and issuing certification of origin and prices and the issuance of certificates of the origin of exporters, granting certificates to registered members, and working to resolve disputes and conflicts that might occur among registered members and others either directly or through arbitration, or through members of the board of directors.


  • Establishment Date: 2009
  • Members: 1300 Members
  • Branches: None
  • President: Arab Smadi
  • Managing Board: Vice President : Mohammad Hamad

    Secretary: Mohammad Al-Shwayyat

    Treasurer : Sameer Abdel Qader
  • Election Period: Four years
  • Last Election: 2022

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