Sumw for Culture and Arts


- Dissemination and dissemination of cultural events, sponsorship and development.
- Sponsoring and supporting creativity and creators in the field of plastic arts, music, drama and theatre.
Working to open the door to other cultures and deal with them in the field of cultural cross-fertilization.
Supporting poor families in income-generating projects that help reduce poverty and unemployment.
- Conducting studies and scientific conferences related to social issues at the Arab and international levels.


  • Establishment Date: 2021
  • Members: 7 Members
  • Branches: 2
  • President: Dr. Falah Al-Qallab Al-Amoush
  • Managing Board: Vice President: Amr Al-Ghazawi
    Secretary: Younes Al-Zawahra
    Treasurer: Mohammed Al-Amoush
  • Election Period: 2 Years
  • Last Election: 2021

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