Association of the Owners of Cargo Shipment and Clearance Companies


Serving the companies working in clearance, uniting the clearance companies under one umbrella that defends their business objectives, concerns and problems, defending members ׳ rights and representing them before other bodies, cooperating with others to raise the level of the profession, enhancing the efficiency of workers in the field and addressing problems that might arise among members or another party.


  • Establishment Date: 1982
  • Members: 528 members
  • Branches: None
  • President: Abdulmeneim Al Azayzeh
  • Managing Board: Vice-President: atieh bashabsheh
    Secretyery: Daif Allah Abu Aqoleh
    Treasurer: Tayseer Al Khudari
    Vice- secretery: Ali Al Tamimi
    Vice- Treasurer: mousa abu dieh
    Members: khalaf abu aleis, yaseen darawneh, khaled bashabsheh
  • Election Period: Two years
  • Last Election: 2017

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