Solidarity Fund for Military Retirees and Veterans


Improve the economic and social conditions for the military retirees and their families within the available resources. Benefit from the retirees experiences in all fields. Rehabilitate the retirees in all areas, especially in information technology in order to enable them to merge into the civil society in the business area. Provide financial facilities for the retirees to enable them buy their needs by installments.


  • Establishment Date: 1974
  • Members: 10 administrators
  • Branches: -
  • President: Abdelsalam Alhasanat
  • Managing Board: Falak Aljamaani

    Abdullah Alqaisi

    Mohammad Kreishan

    Adnan Obaidat

    Qasem Alkhawaldeh

    Mohammed Ezzaldeen Qteishat

    Qasem Abu Al Adas

    Yousef Fahim Al’asasfeh

    Ali Alfaqeer
  • Election Period: three years
  • Last Election: 2011

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