Union of Arab Jurists


Improve the Arabic laws and determined its expressions. Conduct seminars, conferences, and training courses about legal, jurisdictional, International Humanitarian Law and human rights. Provide the experience and the legal support for the Arabic institutions and entities concerned with achieving justice in order to improve their performance and develop their efficiency. Improve the legal research to keep up with the scientific development of the legal ideology and support righting, translating, and publication in this area. Contribute in reviving the Arabic and Islamic legal legacy. Support efforts heading to the publication and the application of the International Humanitarian Law which call for respecting human rights and spreading the culture of toleration. Issue magazines and bulletins specialized in the legal issues in order to spread publicize the legal culture.


  • Establishment Date: 1975
  • Members: 16 Arabic countries
  • Branches: -
  • President: Shabib Almalki
  • Managing Board: Assistant General Secretary: Mofeed Mohammad Shehab
    Assistant General Secretary: Ali Aldmour
  • Election Period: -
  • Last Election: -

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