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Al Wehdat Sport Club

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Establishment Date: 1956
Goals: Supporting sport activities, supporting all scientific, intellectual, literary and cultural capabilities and serving the club members in different methods, providing a healthy environment for the club visitors as it is a youth, social, cultural, humanitarian and educational club, issuing a weekly newspaper, providing assistance and care for the orphans.
Members: 7700 members
Branches: -
President: Wajeeh Azaizeh (Temporary committee president)
Managing Board: Temporary committee members:
Vice president: Dr.Ramadan Makhloof
Secretary: Abdulqader Abu Nasra
treasurer: Mohammad Kabarity
Election Period: 3 Months
Last Election: 2020
Fax: 06-4743714
Address: Amman - alwehdat camp
P.O.Box: 16135