The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN)


The establishment and management of national parks and reserves, to preserve the beauty of nature and protect the land areas of Jordan, to restore endangered species of animals, to take care of wildlife and protect it for scientific and tourism purposes and the safety of the living system; and to implement the law of agriculture provisions for the protection of birds and wild animals; The protection and monitoring system in the association, and raising the awareness of citizens about the importance of protecting the environment and encouraging them to participate in the implementation of the objectives of the association, and the introduction of the concepts of environmental education and nature protection in the curricula of education in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the establishment of nature protection clubs in schools, cooperation to fight pollution and work to balance the use of natural resources and maintain their integrity and existence.


  • Establishment Date: 1966
  • Members: 800 Members
  • Branches: None
  • President: Khaled Alerani.
  • Managing Board: Vice-President:Ghassan Asfour.

    Secretary: Issa Shaheen.

    Treasurer: Layla Sharaf.
  • Election Period: Four years
  • Last Election: 2016

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