Jordanian Women Solidarity Institute


Raising awareness among women on their basic rights guaranteed by international charters for human rights, especially those related to women's rights, in addition to the national laws and constitution, strengthening and empowering women, monitoring and documenting violations and following up on them, encouraging them to work to determine and realise joint objectives, encouraging them to work with men to spread and develop the culture of human rights and defending these rights, providing different types of information and legal and social services, them rehabilitating women subject to human rights violations, and contributing to efforts to realise development and enhance women participation in public life.


  • Establishment Date: 1998
  • Members: 28 Members
  • Branches: -
  • President: Asma Khadr
  • Managing Board: النائب: لبنى دواني

    امين السر: إنعام العشا

    امين الصندوق: سوسن إسحاق
  • Election Period: 3 years
  • Last Election: 29-4-2017

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