Sakhra Women Charitable Society


Providing services for women and raising awareness among them, with supporting the poor in the town, establishing kindergartens and beauty salons, and holding lectures to raise awareness on women rights.


  • Establishment Date: 1996
  • Members: 14
  • Branches: -
  • President: Asma Al Moumani
  • Managing Board: Vice president: Amal Al Moumani,

    Treasurer: Iman Al Moumani

    Secretary: Najah Sulaiman.

    Vice president: Amal Ahmad Al Moumani,

    Treasurer: Iman Mohammad Al Moumani

    Secretary: Najah yousef Sulaiman.

    Members: Najah Dhaifallah AbdAllah, Huda Saleem Abd, Fatima Mohammad Ali, Montaseba Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, Sameera Mohammed.
  • Election Period: Three years
  • Last Election: 12-2019

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