Mosawah Association for Human Rights


- Enhancing citizens' participation in public life and civic participation by spreading awareness at various levels
- Combating corruption and promoting culture, control and accountability
- Enhancing the role of women in political participation and contributing to the formation of national women's leadership
- Guarantee freedom of thought, opinion, belief and expression, including freedom of the press and the various media, with a view to promoting political and social participation while respecting the freedoms of others


  • Establishment Date: 2015
  • Members: 35 members
  • Branches:
  • President: Deema Al Majali
  • Managing Board: Vice President: Ibraheem Ismaeel
    Secretary: Bassam Nahar Al Majali
    Treasurer: Zakaria Nahar Al Majali
  • Election Period: 1 years
  • Last Election: 2017

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