Women Society for Combating Illiteracy in Jordan


Combating illiteracy among women in Jordan, encouraging families to allow their daughters continue their education, opening vocational centres for training women on handicrafts and marketing them, taking care of children of member women at centres of combating illiteracy and vocational centres, creating centres for taking care of these children such as nurseries and kindergartens, cooperating with maternity and children centres affiliated to the Ministry of Health to brief women on new methods of education, domestic services and raising children and the younger generations and preserving the environment and water in particular (water harvesting.)


  • Establishment Date: 1972
  • Members: 120 members
  • Branches: 1
  • President: Ibtesam 'Azer.
  • Managing Board: Vice president: Dayana Khori.

    Treasurer: Taghreed Daghan.

    Secretary: Rasha Wreekat.

    Members: Floria Dawood, Fayrooz Katoon, Hnan Sana'a, Renad Hejazeen, Mervat Masa'adeh.
  • Election Period: 4 years
  • Last Election: 2017

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