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Jordan Engineers Association

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Establishment Date: 1958
Goals: Organising the practice of the profession in order to develop its scientific and professional levels, participating in economic, civil and national development, defending the interests and dignity of members, and keeping the profession’s ethics and tradition, raising the scientific level for the engineers through scientific research, participating in planning and developing educational and training Programes to raise the capabilities of workers in the engineering field, studying common subjects with Arab countries, and exchanging experiences and publications. Securing decent life for members and their families in cases of physical disability, elderly, or death, working on achieving the professional goals of the association, cooperating and coordinating with governmental bodies in the country and networking with Arab, Muslim, and international associations, and applying for their membership.
Members: 157583 Members
Branches: -
President: Eng. Ahmed Samara Zoubi
Managing Board: Vice President: Eng.Fawzi Massad.
Election Period: Three years
Last Election: 2018
Telephone: 7616 560 6 962
Fax: 5676933 06
Address: Complex of professional associations - Shmesani - Amman
P.O.Box: 940188 Amman 11194 Jordan