Jordanian Veterinary Association


Regulating the practice of the profession, enhancing scientific and professional levels of the members, maintaining ethics and traditions of the profession and protecting members’ rights, providing health insurance for members and their families; in addition to decent life in cases of physical disability, elderly, or death within the limits of valid regulations, participating in making and implementing policies concerning livestock, raising the level of veterinary services in cooperation with concerned ministries and institutions, participating in planning veterinary educational and training programmes. Activating and supporting researches, studies, and inventions in the field, issuing magazines and bulletins and establishing useful libraries to assist doctors and networking with Arab and international veterinary associations, and exchanging experiences and publications with them.


  • Establishment Date: 1972
  • Members: 1341 Members
  • Branches: 12
  • President: Dr.. Mahdi Abdul Aziz Abdul Hadi Al Akrabawi
  • Managing Board: Vice-President: Yasar Fisal
    Treasurer: Dr.. Raad Mohammed Mustafa Al Rawashdeh
    Secretery: Dr.. Magdi Abdel Fattah Behind Rahala.
  • Election Period: Three years
  • Last Election: 2017

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