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Jordanian Artists Association

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Establishment Date: 1997
Goals: Spreading and introducing the message of art, and developing the values obtained from the Arab Islamic culture, activating the artistic movement in the kingdom to make it a branch from the Arab and international artistic movements, enhancing the status of the profession, and ensuring the freedom of artists in delivering their message and continuing that, participating in seminars, exhibitions, festivals, and studies in the artistic and cultural fields, inside and outside the country, preparing the suitable cultural atmosphere to present talents in different artistic fields and raise their abilities, taking care of members’ interests, and providing social and cultural services for them, providing health care for the members and their families, and taking care of their underage kids in cases of death within the limits of the available financial resources for the association and establishing a retirement fund for the members, without affecting their right of receiving any other pension
Members: -
Branches: -
President: Hussein Al-Khatib
Managing Board: Vice President: Muhannad Safadi.
Secretary: Subhi al-Sharqawi.
Treasurer: Dargham Bushnak.
Election Period: Two years
Last Election: 2018
Telephone: 810 46 46 -06
Fax: 840 45 46 06
Address: Jabal Al-Lowaibdeh - paris circle-in front of former Pakistani Embassy
P.O.Box: 910276 Amman 11191 Jordan