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Jordan Construction Contractors Association

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Establishment Date: 1972
Goals: Regulating the construction industry and improving the status of the profession on both scientific and professional levels, cooperation with concerned institutions to develop means of projects planning, tenders, organising and executing constructions, encouraging investments in construction supporting industries, and providing services for it, cooperating with contracting institutions, including the development of the united construction contracting contract, settling professional conflicts in the fields of designing and supervision, developing professional and scientific sides in construction and defending the interests of members, and maintaining ethics and traditions of the profession.
Members: -
Branches: -
President: Rebhi Al Yaqoub
Managing Board: Vice-President: Eng. Ayman Al Khdairy
Secretary: Eng Azmi Zuraiqat
Treasurer: Eng. Rafeeq Murad
Election Period: 3 years
Last Election: 2018
Telephone: 461 29 59 -06 - 596 34 59 -06
Fax: 724 28 59 06 - 196 20 59 06
Address: Hashemite Str. - Abdoun – Amman
P.O.Box: 850324 Amman 11185 Jordan