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Jordan Pharmacists Association

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Establishment Date: 1957
Goals: Protecting, maintaining, and regulating the interests of the profession, cooperating with all ministries and institutions concerned with pharmaceutical and drugs services to raise its level and provide it to all people, uniting pharmacists and protecting their rights and dignity; protecting ethics of the profession; encouraging scientific research, especially in the field of pharmacology and providing decent life for pharmacists and their families in cases of need and elderly.
Members: more than 17400 till 2016
Branches: Sub-Committee of the Pharmacists of Aqaba.
Sub-Committee of the Pharmacists of Salt.
Sub-Committee of Ajloun Pharmacists.
Sub-Committee of Tafila Pharmacists.
Subcommittee of Pharmacists of Jerash.
Sub-Committee of Irbid Pharmacists.
Subcommittee of Blue Pharmacists.
Sub-Committee of Pharmacists of Rusaifeh and Yajouz.
Sub - Committee of Pharmacists of Al - Mafraq.
Sub-Committee of Pharmacists of Karak.
Sub-Committee of Madaba Pharmacists.
President: Dr.. Zaid Al Kilani
Managing Board: Vice president: wasfi Al Nawfaleh
Secretary: Dr.Rami Awad
Treasurer: Dr.Ghada Salah
Election Period: 3 years
Last Election: 2017
Telephone: 320 65 56 06
Fax: 860 04 56 06
Address: Complex of professional associations - Shmesani – Amman
P.O.Box: 1124 Amman