Rusaifeh Chamber of Commerce


Promoting local and national businesses, providing member traders and companies of the board with all commercial information and law amendments related to economic and commercial activities, to follow and implement them, participating in drafting and preparing commerce, finance, worker, and economic laws and their amendments in a way suitable to the commercial sector of Rusaifeh, in addition to providing government bodies with suggestions and solutions needed to tackle the various problems that might affect the commercial sector in the Kingdom.


  • Establishment Date: 1996
  • Members: 3500 Members
  • Branches: None
  • President: Mahmoud Nawfal Al-khalayleh
  • Managing Board: Vice President : Hussein Al Rayan

    Secretary : Audat-Allah Al Azzam

    Treasurer : Alaa Mashaal
  • Election Period: Four years
  • Last Election: 2022

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