Jordan Bar Association


Defending the interests of the association and lawyers; maintaining the activeness of the profession, and ensuring required freedom for lawyers to perform their duties, organising the efforts of the association’s members to develop the legal thinking in order to serve rightness and justice, activating legal research and encouraging researchers to raise the educational level for the members, providing economical, cultural and social services for the members, establishing and developing retirement fund for the members, establishing cooperative fund for the members to enhance their cooperation soul, and enforce legal, professional, and financial services for the members and providing job opportunities for members and organising cooperation in the practice, especially in providing legal services for citizens who cannot afford it.


  • Establishment Date: 1950
  • Members: -
  • Branches: -
  • President: Mazen Rashidat
  • Managing Board: Vice-President: Nasser Kamal Nasser
    Secretary: Khaldoon Fahd Al Nsour
    Treasurer: Adel Al Tarawneh
  • Election Period:
  • Last Election: 2017

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