(Jordan Garments, Accessories, & Textiles Exporters’ Association (JGATE


Activate collaboration by providing a forum that generates leads, builds domestic cooperation, forms global export alliances, and publicizes industry news & events, Facilitate growth by promoting investment opportunities to both international and local investors,Develop staff capabilities and build on management infrastructure through comprehensive education programs that improve standards of performance,Drive innovation and collaboration in design and production methods by overseeing research initiatives, showcasing technologies, and establishing cooperative enterprises,Improve access to supporting industries by linking manufacturers to best-in-class partners including financial institutions, logistics providers, insurance companies and real estate developers,Ensure manufacturers are fluent in export provisions by creating guidelines and training seminars that address trade agreement compliance, international quality standards, labor laws, and customs requirements, Minimize regulatory, legal, and trade restraints by lobbying for policy development and promoting necessary reforms.


  • Establishment Date: 2003
  • Members: 46 Members
  • Branches: None
  • President: Mr. Ali Wazir Ali Imran
  • Managing Board: Mr. Sanal Kumar Krishan
    Treasurer: Mr. Imran Haroun
  • Election Period: Two years
  • Last Election: 2021

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