Jerash Chamber of Commerce


Arbitration and settling trade disputes that might arise among traders in the commercial market, holding meetings, seminars and courses for traders to learn about the most important economic information and requirements, resolving problems and responding to them as quickly as possible by providing financial assistance to traders at the time of accidents, building a shopping complex that is designed to strengthen the commercial traffic in the market of Jerash, in addition, providing all the services at the country level for the commercial sector in the governorate including communicating the problems of the merchants to officials and following up on all issues, needs and aspirations within the governorate by distributing leaflets, raising awareness of traders and informing them of all developments in the Kingdom’s economic sector, but especially those relevant to the commercial sector.


  • Establishment Date: 1976
  • Members: 835 members
  • Branches: None
  • President: Mohammad Al-Atoom
  • Managing Board: Vice President : Ahmed Al Kayed
    Secretary : Abdul Raouf Al Shobaki
    Treasurer : Hussein Al-Hawamdeh
  • Election Period: Four years
  • Last Election: 2022

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