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Jordan Farmers Union

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Establishment Date: 1997
Goals: Allowing participation of farmers in the work of the Federation and its activities, touching the needs of farmers and providing services to them to achieve sustainable agricultural development and conservation of natural resources and environmental, paying attention to women farmers and the revival of its historic role in the production process of agricultural and food processing, promoting community awareness of the importance of agriculture and the need to preserve agricultural land, and addressing the problems facing the agricultural sector study and analysis and developing appropriate solutions to address them, training the Jordanian youth to work in professions related to the agricultural sector and equipping them with skills that enable them penetrate the agricultural sector, enabling young Jordanians to be acquainted with agricultural experiences in the Arab countries and the world, highlighting the relative benefits of the Jordanian agricultural sector and promoting Jordanian agricultural produce to increase exports.
Members: 126 Members
Branches: 18
President: Odeh Al Rawashdeh
Managing Board: Vice-president: Odeh Al Srour,
Secretary: Hlaiel Al-Shdafat .
Treasurer: Hassn Al-Smadi .
Members :Bassam Al-Kasawneh , Bakeet Al-Nemat , Mahmoud Mahmoud , Mohammad AL-Hawamdeh, Zaid AL-Mhaseen , Falh Al-Fayez , Ayed Al-Shakanbeh .
Election Period: Four years
Last Election: 15/5/2015
Telephone: 0795101953
Address: Amman – Tla’ Al Ali – Deir Istia st. – Bldg. No. 4
P.O.Box: 21025 Amman 11192 Jordan