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Jordanian Arbitrators Society

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Establishment Date: 1997
Goals: Identifying arbitration, conciliation, mediation and resolution of differences as a means to resolve disputes and differences and profile methods, rules and procedures necessary to do so, coordinating and cooperating with bodies and arbitration centres of Arab and international agencies, including the Arab arbitration bodies to resolve disputes and provide advice to parties in conflict in the areas of arbitration and reconciliation in the fields of construction contracts, business and finance and resolving other disputes as allowed by law, selecting an arbitrators or conciliators or mediators for the resolution of differences.
Members: 183 members
Branches: None
President: omar aljabi
Managing Board: Vice president: ali abu alsokar
Secretery: aiman arabiat,
Treasurer: omar alfaza'a,
treasurer Deputy: tariq altaba'a.
Secretery Deputy: adel tarawneh
Members : waleed baidon, khaled alma'aitah, wade'e abu irsheed
Election Period: Three years
Last Election: 4/2017
Telephone: 06-5655548
Fax: 06-5655549
Address: Shmaisani – Profession Association Bldg. – Al Shareef Al Radi St.
P.O.Box: 830831 Amman 11138 Jordan